Summer Skincare Essentials

As I’m putting together all my posts from my Florida vacation, I wanted to share with you a few of the products that I found exceptionally helpful for taking care of my skin in the hot southern weather! It’s safe to say these all helped me look a little bit less of a hot mess than usual! And of course, each brand has a pretty neat story as to how they all started. 🙂

1.) Handy Candy Wipes from Robin McGraw Revelation ($1.45)

“Sometimes life is tough. Let’s make it easier and have some fun too!” is Robin McGraw’s motto for her delightful Me O’ My collection inspired by her grand kids! I’ll tell you a bit more about Robin’s inspiring story below (or you can read it towards the bottom of this post), but for now, can we just talk about how cute this packaging is?! I carried a pack of these everywhere around my recent Disney vacation with my family and they absolutely came in handy – my sister used them when we got stuck in the rain and makeup was running down her face, my grandma used one to sanitize our table before eating lunch, and I used them multiple times to wipe off my sticky, post ice cream hands (because #icecreameveryday). Shop the Me O’ My Collection from Robin McGraw Revelation here.

2.) Sweat Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Powder Jar ($48.00)

When I heard that sweat proof makeup existed, I honestly didn’t believe it was true. I was so intrigued that I had to reach out to Sweat Cosmetics to see if this really works. Let me tell you, for 8 hot, sticky, humid, 88+ degree weather days in a row while on vacation in Florida, this Mineral Foundation Powder NEVER let me down. The powder claims to stay sweat proof for an hour and a half, but I noticed if I didn’t blot or accidentally wipe my face and rather just let sweat cool naturally, the foundation stayed on for far longer than that!

Courtney Jones, the CEO of Sweat Cosmetics, set out to prove that women can be strong and fit while still being beautiful. The company was started by 5 strong women who all played soccer at some point in their lives and wanted to create a product that would give them some coverage while they played. Goal achieved, ladies! In addition to the Mineral Foundation Powder Jar ($48.00), they also sent me over the GLEAM ON Mineral Illuminator ($42.00), which is another winner. I love it for a fresh, radiant glow on the go!

3.) Detoxifying Mask from TruSelf Organics ($19.00)

I’ve already told you about this product in my “Getting Clear About You” post, but I’m loving it so much that I have to include it again because it’s truly helped me clear up some of the super frustrating acne I’ve been dealing with this summer. TruSelf Organics was founded by Amanda Fata, who is a yogi, a health-nut, and an active momma of two. She already had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle, but while juggling the responsibilities of being a young mom, she realized everyone should have easy access to clean, natural ingredients for their skin. Read more about TruSelf Organics and why I love the Detoxifying Mask here!

4.) Robin McGraw Revelation Foaming Joy! Cleanser ($22.00)

Recently named an O, The Oprah Magazine 2017 Spring Beauty O-Ward Winner, the Foaming Joy! Cleanser from Robin McGraw Revelation is a must-have because it thoroughly cleans off dirt, oil, and bacteria without irritating skin. I’m blown away by the Robin McGraw brand overall because this strong woman took the devastating loss of her mother and used the strength she built to created a movement encouraging women that they must take care of themselves so they can take care of those they love. Head to the end of this post where you can read more about Robin’s story.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me what your favorite summer skincare essentials are below (bonus points if it’s a brand with a neat story behind it!).