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The Best Multitasking Beauty Products to Save Time on Your Routine

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a few extra minutes in the morning to enjoy your coffee (or maybe to catchup on emails for us workaholics)? You work hard every day multitasking (not that it’s the bestttt way to productivity, but we still do it) and making the most out of every minute. Shouldn’t your beauty products do the same? I thought so. I am up to my ears in beauty products brands have sent me to try out and from the whole stash, these are the absolute best picks (I’ve personally tried every one) for power packing your beauty routine for maximum benefits in the least amount of time and steps! Photo via Nars The Multiple in Orgasm from Nars – $39.00 This is my favorite beauty product of all time, hands down. I have used it in some way, shape, or form nearly every day for the past like 5 years (at least).

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Anti-Aging Products to Combat the Stress Owning a Business Puts on Your Face

If you chuckled at this meme going around (thanks to Erin at Evolutionare for sharing it with me), you definitely understand the stress owning a business takes on you. “When we’re under ongoing stress, it creates that fight-or-flight reaction in an unrelenting way, and as a result, stress chemicals are released into the body. What we know so far is that the release of those stress chemicals creates biological changes,” Dr. Vivian Diller, PhD, tells the Huffington Post. “It’s very possible that if you have a life filled with that constant stress, little by little the body is breaking down.” The effects of the breakdown Diller mentions? Pre-mature aging. One study found that a harmful effect on critical DNA in cells can be caused by work-related exhaustion while another study, according to Scope (which is published by Stanford Medicine) supported even the anticipation of stress can accelerate cellular aging. Elissa Epel, PhD, a research

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The Very Natural Skin Care Brand You Need In Your Life

No matter how old you are, it’s essential that you’re nourishing, protecting, and cleansing your skin properly. That being said, you’re never too young to start thinking about adding an anti-aging regimen into your skincare routine! In this lifetime, you’re only given one body and one skin, so it really pays to keep yours well preserved. In order to do that effectively, you need the very best skin care products money can buy (without breaking the bank of course). This is the core value behind new indie skin care brand, SOBO Skin care, a collection of premium skin care products aimed at helping health-conscience women nourish and revitalize their skin, naturally. Made from the very best stuff on earth, SOBO Skin Care products are always made using only the purest, most wholesome ingredients under the sun. These ingredients also happen to be some of the most effective components available in skin care

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