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12 Reads to Help You Understand the Importance of Mental Health as a Creative

There are two secrets to success: 1) hard work and 2) a strong mindset. The first one takes a long time no matter who you are, no matter what you do. However, there are always those people who seem to skyrocket to success, but I’m realizing this isn’t the case. The people who seem to succeed faster, with less “effort” have simply just learned to master their mindset earlier than the rest of us, which allows them to be fulfilled within each step of the journey. And by mindset, I don’t mean this fluffy space in your head that only has room for positivity where visualizing a rainbow magically zaps away any problematic struggle or situation. By mindset, I mean the strength of your mental space and developing mental toughness and emotional intelligence. [convertkit form=4915104] Today is World Mental Health Day, and because there is no cause out there that I

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After Lifelong Struggles with Anxiety, Janelle Martel Creates Self-Care Subscription Box

When you can’t find what you are looking for, create your own! That is exactly what Janelle Martel did when she couldn’t find any care packages for people that want to give their mental health some love. Channeling her love of psychology and passion for helping others, Janelle created Caring Crate, a subscription box for those who are suffering from chronic illness, experiencing mental health issues, or just need a little extra TLC. With goodies from healthy snacks and scrumptious tea, to journals and beauty products, Caring Crate helps put self-care back at the top of your to-do list. Janelle was sweet enough to send me a Caring Crate to try recently. To be honest, I completely forgot it was coming, so when the box landed on my porch in the middle of a hectic week, the anxiety prone, overwhelmed, and overworked parts of my soul stepped forward to indulge in some much needed R&R. My

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How My Mental Health Battle has Made Me a Better Person

When the lovely gems at The Rising Tide Society asked me if I would be interested in contributing a post for Mental Health Awareness Month, I was incredibly honored. This is a community that has provided me with so much love and support throughout the growth of my business. I wrote about my battle with mental health; where my struggle started and how it affected being an entrepreneur. I then talked about the strategies and coping skills I’ve learned, and continue to use time and time again, that help get me through this crazy thing called life. I made a point to mention how necessary it is for us to get comfortable living in our own mental spaces and finished off on a note about self-development. I promise, it’s a really powerful piece and you should go read it here. I used to see my depression and anxiety as a burden –

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Combating Overwhelm: Why It’s Destroying Your Decision Making Process

Do you know what the one thing that ALWAYS comes up in every single conversation I have with another entrepreneur is? Overwhelm. The more I explore the mental cost of owning a business, the more conscious I’m becoming of all the internal elements that hinder progress, like how fatal the combination of overwhelm and anxiety can be. We make an average amount of 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day, and that’s just for the average adult. We probably partake in like triple that amount as business owners (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still). As a business owner, you never know what complications the day is going to throw at you. How am I going to deliver on the insane task of my client? How am I going to get the products for this massive order together in time? How am I going to make enough to pay

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