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Influencer Marketing: It’s All About Creating Connections

As entrepreneurs, I think that getting your awesome product or service in front of the eyes of the right people is one of the most challenging, yet important, things you can do for your business because it’s so directly tied into your profit.  So, what if I told you that 92% of people trust their peers or trusted sources to make product recommendations and that 72% of people rely on social media to make purchasing decisions (source)?  It’s pretty clear that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective.  A recent survey by Think With Google further solidifies this point by showing that 60% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a YouTuber than a mainstream celebrity.  All of this sounds pretty, incredibly awesome – you connect with a couple of influencers in your field, have them put up a review, and you’re flooded with sales from their

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How to Connect with the Right Bloggers for Your Business

In today’s world of over-marketing, consumers are turning to real people and relatable influencers to form their opinions on brands, businesses, and services. Whether you’re a local gym, or a national jewelry brand, connecting with the appropriate bloggers who are cohesive with your brand can create a wave of authentic publicity that can funnel sales and growth! Before you start: Decide what you can offer – Determining what you have to work with up front will keep you on track with both your budget and the amount of product and services you can provide. Do you have a budget for quality bloggers who are asking for a fee, or will you only be providing samples in exchange for reviews? Is there a limited amount of product samples you can distribute to bloggers? Set goals – Blogger collaborations have a variety of benefits, but be sure to decide overall what you’re main goal

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The Key Report: Blogger Inspired Gifts

Blogger Inspired Gifts From classic Kate Spade to new beauty products, cozy socks, and a skort comeback, we’ve gathered up our favorite blogger inspired buys that will bring a fresh vibe to anymore gift guides you’ve got left to whip up this season!   1. As seen on Refined Side – Grey Faux Fur Cuff Knit Socks from Dorothy Perkins ($17.00, dorothyperkins.com) 2. As seen on The Peach Bellini – 2015 kate spade new york Large 17 Month Agenda – Gold Dot ($36.00, swoozies.com) 3. As seen on Siana Westley – Wendy Wrap Front Ponte Skort ($16.00, boohoo.com)   4. As seen on Darling Be Daring – Mint Green Chevron Nail Wraps ($15.00, buggy.jamberrynails.net) 5. As seen on Dainty Girl – Sneha Varma Contemporary Handbags ($285.00, snehavarma.com) 6. As seen on Palm Beach Lately – Monogram Dalmation Phone/iPad Case ($52.00, zhush.com)     ###   For feature interest, image and/or interview requests contact for any of the above brands: Allyn Lewis press@allynlewis.com

Bloggers Know Best: Darling Be Daring

Equal parts fabulous and fun, Darling Be Daring is a top resource for some lifestyle inspiration. Working as both an online magazine and a blog, Darling Be Daring is run by two blogging superstars, Jolene and Desiree. Incredible fashion sense is well matched with bubbly personalities making Darling Be Daring an authority on all things chic.     Like traditional print magazines, Darling Be Daring offers a wide variety of insightful articles, from cooking to fashion. Learn how to create DIY masterpieces or whip up some tasty treats with Darling Be Daring’s help. Not only do these girls have tips (and clothes!) to die for, but their bright personalities and big hearts shine through all that they do. If their impeccable style doesn’t win you over, then their bubbly personalities will. These dedicated bloggers are hard at work cultivating a devout online following that believe in filling their days with

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Unlock Blogspiration with the Key Blogger Network

At Relevé Public Relations, we’re dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their fullest potential with our services and skills, so why should bloggers be any different? You may have heard of our innovative Key Pointes Program, a monthly subscription service that allows businesses to sample PR services, but now we’re creating something just for bloggers! From media kits to brand relations, we’ve got the know-how on taking your blog to the next level. Whether you want to increase your traffic with our promotional services or you’re looking to develop key relationships with businesses, we’re offering a wide variety of monthly services to help your blog grow and prosper. As PR pros (and bloggers on the side!), we know what separates the good blogs from the great, and we want to help get you there! Not only will you receive valuable guides, customized services and exclusive tips, but you’ll be

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Bloggers Know Best: A Sparkle Factor

We’re currently swooning over a certain sparkly blog that combines incredible fashion with personal styling services to die for. Meet Stephanie, blogger extraordinaire from A Sparkle Factor, a blogger devoted to helping us unlock some fabulous fashion inspiration. As a personal stylist, Stephanie shares her top favorite brands, styles and trends with her readers to keep them fashionably informed. From Twitter chats to fabulous posts, A Sparkle Factor is one girl’s stylish approach to the world, filled with tips and tricks to help you transform your style.   The best part? Stephanie was willing to share her expert advice for all the bloggers out there wanting to transform their blogs into one that sparkles.   What inspired you to start a blog?   I started my blog during a major transitional period in my life and career. I had been living in New York and working my dream job in

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Bloggers Know Best: Scampi & Chips

  Blending gorgeous photography and posts packed with beauty and life advice and you get one of our favorite blogs, Scampi & Chips. Adorably nicknamed after this blogger’s favorite meal, Scampi & Chips is equal parts fun and inspiring. From baking to beauty, there’s tons of interesting and insightful posts to give you some pointers.   The beauty behind the blog, Kayleigh, is dedicated to inspiring her readers to live a fun and meaningful life, filled with fun recipes and daytrips. Kayleigh’s skill for photography shines bright in her blog posts with her beautiful shots of nature, places and beauty products. Combined with an elegant layout, this gorgeous blogger is sure to be your new favorite read. Grab a snack, get comfy and prepare to obsessively and read and scroll through our newest Bloggers Know Best addition. Fortunately for us, we got to chat with Kayleigh and received inside information

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Listen, Lucy: An Online Community That Celebrates the Healing Power of Creativity

  Listen, Lucy is a supportive online community where users submit creative content, such as essays, poetry and art. Many submissions are anonymous, as the site encourages users to find clarity and relief by creating art that reflects their personal struggles. Their mission is to “create a less judgemental, more accepting world.” The founder, Jordan Zangaro, speaks openly about how she turned to writing to cope with anxiety. (Something I personally can completely relate to! I also have such admiration for anyone brave enough to share their own adversity to help others, and Jordan is no exception.)  The site encompasses a “Pay It Forward” movement as well, which motivates users to take part in anonymous random acts of kindness for strangers, after which they leave behind a “Pay It Forward” card. The card also promotes the Listen, Lucy site itself – not a bad marketing strategy!    We spoke with Jordan

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