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Do You Need A Niche For A Successful Blog?

The first blog I ever followed was a lifestyle blog that talked about fashion, recipes, workouts, etc. The first blog I tried to ever create was a lifestyle blog – I talked about 150 different things, and saw little success. Since I’ve niched down, my success has skyrocketed. But instead of just telling you “you need to do it,” I’m going to tell you why. Let’s start off with the basic agreement that your blog has the intention of being a business, or helping your business to grow. If you are honestly just blogging because you love writing and what absolutely no money, success, or growth – then disregard this post! Write whatever you want! RELATED: Are You Blogging for the Right Reasons? Blogging as Content Marketing Content marketing is a buzzword today, and you hear people throw it around quite a bit. Basically it is a marketing approach that involves

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How to Set up a PR Friendly Blog

Being a PR friendly blog does not mean that you need to fill up your blog with ads, talk up mediocre products, or have a sponsor for each and every one of your posts. The term “PR Friendly” has a number of meanings up for interpretation. For our purposes, we’re going to focus on what is means to be “PR Friendly” from the perspective of a public relations representative or firm when seeking bloggers to work with. Generally, PR firms are looking to develop lasting relationships with the bloggers they collaborate with hopes to curate a go-to network of professional, trustworthy and quality blogs. What’s the first step? Knowing what to include on your website so that we don’t have to search for things. Start by creating a “Collaborations” page on your blog – Words like “Sponsor” and “Advertise” can be misleading and may suggest that the majority of your content

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