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8 Self-Development Books that are Actually Worth Your Time

Plenty of people have given self-development books that are actually worth your time a bad rep, but why? I have read more than half of the books on this list and the other 1/4 are on my to-discover list. Life is an unwritten journal. Each day is a new page and every month becomes a new chapter. So exploring other people’s approach to life is helpful when learning how to write and unlock your own story. First you envision what your best life looks like, and then you get to create the enjoyable/tough/wouldn’t change it for the world parts of your life. All these books below will help you continue your journey in truth. If you are ready to dig deep and make many break-throughs, then these are the books for you: You Are a Badass | By: Jen Sincero This book will give you a good kick in the ass and make you

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Must Read Books for Every Entrepreneur

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown I’d heard oodles about this book from friends and fellow bloggers. Now that I’ve delved into it myself, I understand why. Daring Greatly speaks volumes about vulnerability and shame and how these two things ultimately control our lives, from the way we parent to the way we love. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a book about vulnerability, or if it would be applicable to my life. Now I can say that I think it would be applicable to literally anyone who reads it. Brene Brown does an excellent job of sharing her research in ways that are easy to understand, fun to read, and deeply profound. There were many instances when I felt like she expressed things I knew, but never quite knew how to understand or verbalize. I think this book would be great for women or men — it’s definitely one of my

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