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A Movement Toward Honest Media with Holl & Lane Magazine

Many trends are popping up all over our social media feeds, but the deeper momentum I am seeing for the upcoming season does not deal with colors, shoes or anything like the #GemFinds in this trend analysis report. What I see are people who are opening up and truthfully speaking about their life story. Sarah Hartley of Holl & Lane Magazine, a forerunner in this shift towards honest living, has created a business by encouraging real woman to be bold and brave about the truths they have gone through. She fully believes that when you are courageous enough to tell your story, you are then helping someone else feel less alone. Gem Nation couldn’t agree with her more, after all, your story is without a doubt what paved the way for you to dive in to chasing your dreams. RELATED: Bloggers Telling Honest Stories (via Holl & Lane)  Holl and Lane is published bimonthly on the first of the month as

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Find Your Brave and Keep It

I walk into a room comfortable in my own skin. My posture gets a little straighter; my smile a little brighter. I can look you in the eye and know who I am; shake your hand and tell you my story. I am Ludavia. I stand tall. I can hold 32 pounds in one arm, 15 in the other with a 10 pound bag slung across my shoulders, and 6 grocery bags balancing on my fingers… and still I am able to open a door. Strangers, I see you staring at me with your jaws hitting the floor. Thank you for the admiration, but I’d rather you offer a hand. I may be strong, but, “Hey, help a girl out.”. I am Ludavia. I am strong. When the moment calls, I can climb a mountain even if I feel defeated. I can endure great pain and find the positive within

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