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10 Things to Treat Yourself to This Month

It’s a precious time of year, one that we must be careful not to get swept away in and take for granted. A small, sweet space between the promises of a new year and the lessons (and stories!) from the one at hand. This month’s 10 Things to Treat Yourself to roundup is a beautiful balance of #GemFinds to help you honor the space between no longer and not yet to set a powerful, but present tone for 2017! 1.) A Statement That Says, “Let’s Cut to the Chase” I’m declaring 2017 the year of directness. No more sugar coating, no more dancing around someone else’s feelings, no more hiding your shine out of fear. The Cut to the Chase Necklace from 7 Charming Sisters is just the reminder you need to protect your own sparkle and not let anyone else waste your shine or your time! If this regal blue piece

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Influencer Marketing: It’s All About Creating Connections

As entrepreneurs, I think that getting your awesome product or service in front of the eyes of the right people is one of the most challenging, yet important, things you can do for your business because it’s so directly tied into your profit.  So, what if I told you that 92% of people trust their peers or trusted sources to make product recommendations and that 72% of people rely on social media to make purchasing decisions (source)?  It’s pretty clear that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective.  A recent survey by Think With Google further solidifies this point by showing that 60% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a YouTuber than a mainstream celebrity.  All of this sounds pretty, incredibly awesome – you connect with a couple of influencers in your field, have them put up a review, and you’re flooded with sales from their

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After Lifelong Struggles with Anxiety, Janelle Martel Creates Self-Care Subscription Box

When you can’t find what you are looking for, create your own! That is exactly what Janelle Martel did when she couldn’t find any care packages for people that want to give their mental health some love. Channeling her love of psychology and passion for helping others, Janelle created Caring Crate, a subscription box for those who are suffering from chronic illness, experiencing mental health issues, or just need a little extra TLC. With goodies from healthy snacks and scrumptious tea, to journals and beauty products, Caring Crate helps put self-care back at the top of your to-do list. Janelle was sweet enough to send me a Caring Crate to try recently. To be honest, I completely forgot it was coming, so when the box landed on my porch in the middle of a hectic week, the anxiety prone, overwhelmed, and overworked parts of my soul stepped forward to indulge in some much needed R&R. My

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