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Banishing Workplace Negativity Before It Turns into Conflict

Lets face it — as business owners, negativity in the workplace can be a little terrifying and, perhaps, feel insurmountable. Workplace negativity breeds conflict and conflict is uncomfortable and gritty. It makes the entire team feel like things could fall apart in a flash. It is important to understand that conflict is a natural part of life and business. Negativity, however, is something to avoid or correct quickly. It can poison an otherwise healthy team.  We have all known negative people.  The ones who whisper under their breath during a meeting. The ones who seem to fight every suggestion and direction you, as the team leader, want to take them. The ones that give angry, passive aggressive responses when asked a direct question. What happens when you allow this negative energy into your company? It breeds. It grows from one employee to the next. It affects your clients, your vendors

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Is Your Body Language Giving Off Bad Vibes?

Actions speak louder than words. Your body language often speaks volumes to other people, even if you don’t realize it. Understanding how our body language can impact how others perceive us is the key to improved our communication with people. Similarly, being able to identify certain non-verbal suggestions in someone else’s body language is a great tool for warding off bad vibes and disingenuous intentions. It can be easy to think that our words are how we communicate, but what is happening in the non-verbal space is often an element overlooked. In fact, “up to 80% of what we communicate is nonverbal,” says Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent turned nonverbal communication expert and author of What Every Body Is Saying.  In order to understand what vibes we are giving off, we need to look at what people may be interpreting. Our facial expressions are the easiest to identify and the hardest to mask, thus, when your

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The 4 Styles of Communication & Why Yours Matters

Have you ever felt nervous talking to someone? Felt as if you just don’t connect with that person? I can confidently say that everyone has reached that point at least once in his or her life. During school, the one thing I am constantly reminded of is, “Public Relations is a career based on two-way asymmetrical communication.” I bet most of you are reading this and thinking, “What does that even mean?” It is easier to comprehend than it seems, so let me explain it for you. In the world of business, effective communication revolves around two-way conversations; mutual interactions between two individuals. To be honest, sometimes it can be difficult sparking that initial conversation, especially when you are talking with someone who seems completely different from you. This is something that must be overcome in public relations because ultimately, it is our job to put ourselves out there and

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