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3 Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Strangers on the Internet

The Look: similar skirt from boohoo ($40.00) // similar dress by Tadashi Shoji from Nordstrom ($268.00) // Carolee Necklace [n/a] – Similar one from BaubleBar ($68.00) // similar Shoes of Prey pumps from Nordstrom ($189.95) // similar Michael Kors crossbody from Macy’s ($148.00) The Lesson: It was a Saturday night in March. I was getting ready for my friend Christina’s birthday party (who, by the way, is hands down the best fashion/personal stylist I’ve ever met AND she took the pretty pictures for this post!). Like a tornado spewing debris across the landscape, my closet was ending up on the floor at an impressive speed. Nothing was fitting right. UGHHH! After an eternity, I determined I’d be wearing the skirt pictured (thanks Claire <3). And so, the storm began again as I tried to figure out what to wear up top. Unsatisfied with everything, I pulled out this black lace dress from the depths of my

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How to Overcome Comparison and Collaborate Better with Others

I love to think of comparison as the little voice inside my head that starts to tell me I am not good enough. That if I try to do better or try something new, I’ll just fail. So, why even try? Then, I join in on a self-pity party and start to tear myself down – a spiral that gets me in a dark corner of self-doubt and toxic thoughts. RELATED: Why Self-Doubt is Actually Necessary for Your Success It’s not a good place to be. Once you’re there, it’s difficult to come out. It takes work to rid yourself of toxic thoughts (it can take years and usually requires the help of others). What you think really does determine who you become. So, you need to catch it before it gets to that dark corner. Why does the dark corner of self-doubt happen? Here is a break down: We make

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