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What to Do When You’re Creating Content to the Tune of Crickets

“Okay, here we go. No turning back now. I’ve drained every last ounce of brain power I have and poured my heart into this; the response to this post is going to be great! Wait for it. No, seriously. Just a little bit longer. Um, what time is it? Maybe it’s just too late. I’ll give it until the morning. Oh, there’s still nothing.” Raise your hand if this is a verbatim recount of a conversation you’ve previously had with yourself. Yeah, I see you slouching down in the back row. As deflating as these experiences can be, we can’t hide from them. Nor should we want to. The truth is you are getting a response. Listen a little more closely. That’s right: crickets. Not what you were hoping for?  That’s understandable. But don’t ignore them. I’ve been there before, and I didn’t listen to the crickets. In an attempt to

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Why Your Influencer Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working

You’re spending hours and hours researching bloggers and social media connoisseurs. You’re confident they match your target audience and mesh well with the values of you brand. You’ve sent out quite a bit of free products and maybe you’ve even paid for a few features and sponsored posts without seeing much traction in return. Sound familiar? So what gives? Well, and I mean this in the most loving way possible, it’s not them, Gem, it’s you. You can’t just do your research, send out your product, and cross your fingers you’ll see some return from the opportunity. The truth is, there’s a lot of work that goes into influencer marketing before and after that 95% of the brands out there are neglecting. Before: Are you telling your story? Before you even think about reaching out to bloggers, influencers, press, or any other type of exposure, you need to ask yourself if

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