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Spending a Day with Fear (And Why We’re Now Friends)

For awhile, I thought fear was a real asshole – one of those toxic people that I just couldn’t have terrorizing my life anymore. Like, here I am trying to dream all these big dreams, do all this cool shit, and take big leaps, and fear’s gotta be all, “no you can’t”, “you’re not good enough”, “you’re going to screw everything up” and “get a real job”. And we’re not supposed to give those negative voices in our head a turn to speak, right? So I just shut fear up, which didn’t really work out so well because covering fear up is not only exhausting, but frustrating – like the pimple that no matter how much concealer you put on it, it just keeps breaking through, ugh! Then, in October I had the opportunity to attend the Fearless Warrior Yoga Conference. “Perfect!” I thought. “Teach me how to ditch my

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A Movement Toward Honest Media with Holl & Lane Magazine

Many trends are popping up all over our social media feeds, but the deeper momentum I am seeing for the upcoming season does not deal with colors, shoes or anything like the #GemFinds in this trend analysis report. What I see are people who are opening up and truthfully speaking about their life story. Sarah Hartley of Holl & Lane Magazine, a forerunner in this shift towards honest living, has created a business by encouraging real woman to be bold and brave about the truths they have gone through. She fully believes that when you are courageous enough to tell your story, you are then helping someone else feel less alone. Gem Nation couldn’t agree with her more, after all, your story is without a doubt what paved the way for you to dive in to chasing your dreams. RELATED: Bloggers Telling Honest Stories (via Holl & Lane)  Holl and Lane is published bimonthly on the first of the month as

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