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Michael Costello’s SS18 Collection Teaches Us How to Make Dreams Come True

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Michael Costello’s 2018 collection is dreamy. Often when we think about dreams, propositions of impossible, unrealistic, and even delusional come to mind. Costello, however, was able to meet dreams come true at the Robert Miller Gallery this season at New York Fashion Week. Innovations are mistakenly assumed to stem from the most impossible of dreams, but dreams don’t come from a blank slate. They are born of our very own potential. Dreams start with a foundation, they begin with a structure in place. New York Fashion Week is notorious for outlandish ensembles and pushing the envelope, which is a good thing because it’s how trends, innovations, and progressions are established. Now more than ever, I see people (in terms of fashion and beyond) begin each new dream from scratch. There were a lot of similarities between the collection this year

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Sometimes You Need to Put on a Pretty Dress and Play Pretend

I’ll take any excuse to put on a wedding dress, or any excuse to put on a big, beautiful ball gown really. While I did started my business so that I could work from home in my yoga pants (okay… maybe that’s not why, but it’s definitely a perk!), the model/blogger in me loves getting all glammed up and playing dress up! A few months ago, I teamed up with an old friend from high school who is now a super talented photographer, Matt Shuck, for a bridal editorial. I haven’t been modeling or doing stuff like this as much lately with my crazy, growing business, but this shoot made me realize how important it is. It wasn’t just the glitz and glamour that made me enjoy this day so much, but also the chance to play on the edges of my creative passions. We need something magical that takes us away for a day

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In a World of Fast Fashion, Dare to be Different with Boutique Sui Numeris

Handpicking every extraordinary piece, Boutique Sui Numeris provides an e-shopping experience that celebrities, stylist, and the everyday woman alike are sure to praise. The assortment is individually inspected with meticulous attention to textures, dimensions, color, and most importantly craftsmanship. Plus, they won’t ever sell more than one of the same dress, so you know your look will be exclusive. Based in the lovely Austin, Texas, Boutique Sui Numeris (defined as “of its own order or rank” in Latin) is primarily divided into five categories: Lovely bridal gowns for both luxury and courthouse brides A killer “little black dress” collection Genuine, authentic vintage pieces that will set you apart from other women Soiree clothing for girls who can’t miss their night out on the town A stunning selection of shoes and accessories to give your unique gown an unforgettable accent Taking a strong stance to avoiding the “fast fashion” trend, don’t expect a Forever 21 or Wet Seal quality selection. Boutique Sui Numeris only stocks designers

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MODEL: Couture Gowns, Big Hair & Abandoned Apartments

An inside look on what you don’t know about photo shoots: Alarm goes off. It’s 4:00am. (Hits Snooze). 4:15am. There’s the alarm again. Ugh. (rolls out of bed). It’s a Thursday morning. Still pitch black outside by the way. I throw on an oversized pink blouse, leggings, and boots – trying to look at least half put together. 5:00am and we hit the road. It’s off to Fort Wayne, Indiana (normally a 5 hour drive) for a photo shoot with Willyum Photography. Big shout out to Shaun Novak for being my road trip buddy for the day (side note – he makes music and has an absolutely phenomenal voice that you should check out here). Anyways, of course this is a shoot for my all time favorite fashion designer, Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool Creations. I mean, I don’t just take day trips like this for anyone! When you model for TCC,

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MODEL: Circus Freaks

You’ve never seen a circus like this before…  Published in PATTERN. Willyum Photography concept.create.capture, Designer – Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool Creations, Hair stylist – Tara Tumbleson-Welch, Makeup by Arrey Lee, Models – Allyn Lewis, Arrey Lee, LaShonda Reed and Chad Pitschka.     Get the looks from Tidal Cool Creations:  Black, white and yellow mismatched Harlequin gloves – $8 Black/white Harlequin dress – $90 Ruffled harlequin mini shawl – $15 Red/white mitred corset, sweetheart bodice, sheer embellished tulle sides – $80 Red/white polka dot booty shorts, with sheer tulle side insets – $25 Red/white stripe and polka dot bustle skirt, ties in front – $110 Red/black vertical stripe leggings – $25 Gold spandex booty shorts – $25 Black/white stripe corset with leatherette and zipper peekaboo detailing – $90 Cropped conductors jacket, hobo buttons – $90 Mini top hat – $20