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(Part 2) PR Lessons from the Largest Charity Organizations

Last week, we learned a few PR lessons from Forbes’ top five largest charity organizations. Let’s see what gems we can learn from the rest of the Top Ten:  

#StrengthAndStyle: From the Physician’s Perspective

  WE Can Make a Difference If you have been keeping up with some of my recent posts, you probably know I am currently running as a candidate in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year Campaign! As part of my efforts to raise awareness with #StrengthAndStlye, I am dedicating this blog series to featuring cancer survivors, their families, and anyone else who has had an experience, directly or indirectly, with blood cancer. My goal is to cover this difficult topic from a wide variety of perspectives in order to educate, empower, and reach as many people as possible. The more conversations we can start, the more awareness we can raise, and the more lives we can save! This particular post addresses blood cancer from the perspective of a physician. Meet Dr. Thomas LeBlanc, an oncologist, palliative care physician, and blood cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. LeBlanc’s current research explores the experience of

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