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The True Cost of Today’s Fast Fashion Industry

It is time to take a step back and think about being a sustainable consumer. I love asking people questions and this week I have a lot of them. How many of your clothes do you actually wear in your closet? Do you know where most of your food, clothes and material items are made? How many times do you buy things that you do not need. These are questions I simply ignored until last night because I did not know the answer to most of these questions. Last night, one of my teachers for my Field Experience fashion class played a video called The True Cost. During this video I realized I am pretty sheltered when it comes to the cultural news of the world. In all honesty, when the movie was over I realized I consume more than I really need to. Something I never really thought of

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Share Stories and Shop Survivor Made Goods With To The Market

In a world saturated with exploitation, greed, and unethical practices that often go unnoticed, there is nothing bolder than a business built around hope and help. To The Market is changing the notion that shopping has to be a materialistic venture. Jane Mosbacher Morris launched To The Market after a trip to India revealed the opportunity to empower survivors of abuse, conflict, and disease by supporting their access to work and providing opportunities for economic independence. From wrap skirts and yoga bags to stationary and jewelry, Jane and the To The Market team support artisans of all kinds in 20 countries worldwide. Every product page includes tidbits on how the piece was made and details on how your order will empower the designer. Reminders like “hear the stories of redemption and restoration shining through the paint and remember, you are part of this story too” make the buying experience more personal and

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