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Smart Tips for Being Successful as an Event Vendor

Recently, I took my business, The Cookie Cups to a large art festival as a food vendor. Setting this up was no overnight feat. It required months of preparation, paperwork, meetings, cost analysis and goal setting. The first thought I had was whether I would be able to get the job done, and done well. I will tell you this, it wasn’t easy but I did it. These are the things I found to be the necessary steps to take to prepare: 1. Purchase packaging in bulk (at wholesale pricing). 2. Find the most cost effective way to get the baking ingredients. I used Restaurant Depot. They have several locations nationwide. 3. Figure out a baking location. I was able to rent out a fellow baker’s bakery that I met at the local farmer’s market to make my product in large volume. Going from small to large volume is not

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6 Tips to Boost Your Non Profit Event

Non profit events can be a huge boost for community engagement, and BONUS you get to help people while having a great party. But are you getting as much out of your event as you could be? Review our six tips planning checklist to set your non profit event up for success! 1. Curate your dream team: A great planning committee is a must, whether it’s made up of experienced staff members or passionate volunteers, and whether you brainstorm over Google Docs or at a boardroom table. Don’t underestimate the power of constant motivation, and remember to provide regular feedback, check-ins, and suggestions. Related: Analog Tools to Organize Your Brain in The Digital Age 2. Work your network: People in your network (and in your team members’) probably all want to help you, but it might take a few tries to catch them at the right time. That’s why reaching out

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#StrengthAndStyle: Week Two

If you haven’t been following my #StrengthAndStyle campaign, now is an excellent time to start!  Who doesn’t love to shop for a cause? In addition to planning the Red Shoe Gala, we have been working on adding a new component to the #StrengthAndStyle campaign! I’ve reached out to a few of our clients at Pretty Living PR to do a Shop4Strength promotion on their online stores helping to raise money for the campaign while we help promote their business and the concept has really taken off! So far, we have Pink Sugar Crystals and Vienna Victoria on board with many more collaborations in the works.   Interested in getting your business involved in the #StrengthAndStyle campaign? Email me – info@allynlewis.com.