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He Said, She Said: Joggers for a Lazy Day

In this post: We’re so excited to share our first “He Said, She Said” fashion post! Here you’ll find how both of us (Shaun & Allyn) are styling joggers for fall and why you need at least a few pairs of them. This post contains shoppable affiliate links which means we may make a small commission if you click on or purchase from them, but we really do love these clothes! He Said… His Look: American Eagle jogger ($50) // American Eagle color block hoodie ($40) // Ugg Colin Sneaker (ON SALE RIGHT NOW – $84) and there’s a navy option, too! Let me start by saying that I absolutely, 100% despise winter.  Autumn… meh.  It can be kinda cool at times, but I can typically never truly enjoy it for reasons I’m about to mention. Every single year I get major winter depression, and it totally cramps my style.  I

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From Summer to Fall

In this post: As inspiration for your fall outfits, I’m showing you how I turned the dress I lived in this summer into a fall look. I’ve also included a few things that help me get through this time of year, because fall isn’t exactly my favorite season.  The Look: [sp] Go for Gold Necklace ($27), Good Mood Earrings ($17), and Hit the Ground Running Ring ($27) from 7 Charming Sisters // Similar olive shift dress (ON SALE – $23) // Similar navy cardigan ($98) or budget friendly option here ($23) // similar ankle booties ($70) // Taylor Tassel Crossbody Bucket from 88 Handbags (ON SALE – $40) // Escape Watches Soho Watch ($150) I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and although fall has started on the calendar, we’ve been having 87 degree days and I am SO okay with it. Therefore, I’m going to soak up these uncommonly warm September days and do everything I

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