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Getting a Leg up by Putting Intention Behind Your Business

Instead of growing up with the golden ticket, Tasha Kendall, Co-Founder and CE sOul of How We Soul, grew up with a golden pineapple. With a smile, her mother told her that by placing a golden pineapple in front of their home, people will know they are welcome there. This concept came full circle for Tasha in college while she was volunteering in Botswana, a year that has shaped every year since – you’ll find out more about this in her interview below! She has since moved through life practicing this pineapple principle because she “saw first hand how much feeling wanted, welcomed and cared for meant” to each person. For Tasha, the experience made her realize hospitality goes beyond the home – she’s dedicated herself to living with a gold pineapple painted on her life. This is where her business, How We Soul (HWS) comes in. This Gem creates chic, active leggings (they hug your body in all

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How to use the Pantone Colors of the Year to Benefit Your Business in 2016!

Every year Pantone announces the “Color of the Year”. Well, this year they threw us all for a loop by sharing 2 colors with us! Then, we thought we heard it all- the gender equality angle, the hot fashion angle, and of course the baby reveal jokes! Don’t panic, there’s still hope for all of us! These colors can actually be beneficial to your business if you use them properly. According to Pantone, the colors were selected as a reminder for us to seek “mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to the stress of modern day lives.” Veronica Linette, President of Red Stitch Clothing says, “Pantone colors and the color(s) of the year set the tone for designers and fashion trends to express the time in which our culture is living in. With that said, in order to become a market leader in the fashion industry and when shopping for my boutique

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