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How to Make Your Dreams Happen When You Feel Overwhelmed

Listen, I know that life is hard sometimes and the to-do list feels longer than the West Nile. We have responsibilities and bills and consequences that simply just need to be taken care of. There are not unlimited hours and space to look into the air and think again, “Now what was the dream?”    In fact, most often we are straight-up overwhelmed by the thought of having or pursuing any dream. You know when you look at it and it seems so big and your to do list is already overwhelming you and you think, “how in the world are you supposed to do both?”    And I think what so many people forget is that dreams were not made to be overwhelming and likely if you are feeling overwhelmed, it is not because of a dream but a lack of one. Somehow, somewhere you are living out of

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Own Your Fire & Change The World With #fireworkpeople

The Internet is full of critics, cynics and complainers. We’ve all seen nasty tweets from trash talkers and have that one Facebook friend who feeds off of fights. It’s a rarity to log in after a long day and find anything other than a negative newsfeed. But not for the ladies of #fireworkpeople. #fireworkpeople is a sisterhood of dreamers, hustlers, and change-makers. It’s a space for women with fire in their hearts and a passion to leave the world better than they found it. What began as a Tuesday night Twitter party exploded into something much bigger than founder and visionary Ashley Beaudin ever imagined. “We found that we struck a chord among women who want to use their life to make a difference and to really truly design a life they love and are hungry for.” In under a year, the community has grown to be a home of

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