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10 Things to Treat Yourself to this Month (That Do Not Include Pumpkin Spice Anything)

Fall is in the air and while I can get excited about adorable booties (all of my favorites are on my STEP Pinterest board) and chic cozy sweaters (this girl’s got a board for those too), the crisp, cold air is just not my style. So, while everyone else is drooling over dead leaves and anything with the wordage “pumpkin spice” on it, I found a few less basic (did I really just say basic?) things that are perfect for showing yourself a little extra love and indulgence this month… And none of them are pumpkin spice related, promise! =P 1.) Caramel Apple Twizzlers: Move over pumpkin spice everything. Caramel apple is the all time fall flavor. These babies are incredible. Last week, I made a special trip to Target just to buy 5 packs. Not. Even. Joking. ($1.00 for an 8 Pack at Target) 2.) A dress you can style 30 ways:

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Pretty Spooky: Easy Halloween Nail Art Tutorial from Julep

Are your nails Halloween ready yet? Check out this new Halloween nail art tutorial from Julep that uses colors from their Happy Halloween Welcome Box. Get this 4-piece beauty box featuring a trio of spooky polishes and a gel eye glider for FREE when you join the Julep beauty box subscription. Julep polishes are my absolutely favorite because you are literally polishing your way to better nails. Breakthrough Oxygen Technology lets your nails breathe so they grow healthy and strong. Here are the steps to this easy orange-and-black mani: 1. Paint one coat of orange 2/3 of the way up your nail. Let dry. 2. Using a striping tool (or a toothpick!) to polish on black points. 3. Polish the outline of the points with one coat of black polish. 4. Add a top coat and you’re done! Extra nail tip! To extend the life of your manicure, start each layer

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The Hidden Gems of Painting Pumpkins

The past few fall seasons have given an upgrade to the tradition of carving and decorating pumpkins.  This fall, the trend has been given a funky makeover, literally, with paint.  DIY bloggers, Pinterest, YouTube – any search on these sites or even Google will give you a enough ideas for the next 20 fall seasons.  So naturally, some of the girls at Relevé Public Relations got together to get in on the painting fun. I mean honestly, what fall-lover wouldn’t?! We took a few minutes to look at some of the tons of ideas the inter webs had to offer, and then decided to just wing it and dive right in. The next 4 hours were a mess of laughing at ourselves, glitter, and ahem, impatience. By the end, we had come to a few conclusions about what we’ll do next year… starting with smaller pumpkins. Read on to find out

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