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5 Tips for Staying Healthy Around the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, let the holiday festivities begin! Holiday parties, charity events, extra school events for the kids, family and friends gathering to celebrate and of course shopping and socializing! It’s overwhelming and truly a wonder any of us survive. Once it is all over, we look down and realize our pants don’t button – how did that happen?! However, never fear, here are some fool proof tips to get you through the holidays happy, staying healthy and without gaining all that holiday cheer. 1.) Plan Your Life We know the holidays are coming and all of the extra events are already on our calendar so start strategizing now. Map out when you can make it to the gym or do home workouts. Block off that time just like any other appt that you would not cancel. If possible, get a friend or co worker to be an accountability buddy through the holidays to ensure you

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8 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Super Tiny Budget

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of health and wellness, or you’re trying to look for new avenues to a better eating plan, we’d all like to find it along the path that doesn’t break our wallets! After all, who doesn’t want money left over for an extra yoga class and essential oils? Eating healthy can be achieved on any budget by following some simple basics, and it doesn’t have to be specific, or even organic. Buying organic is fantastic, but not completely necessary, especially if you’re pinching pennies already. What is the most important aspect if you want to eat healthy? When I’m giving my friends advice on how to get started on eating healthfully and naturally, the biggest and best piece of advice is: Don’t eat anything out of a box. Ever. If you are dying for Mac n’ cheese, boil macaroni, drain, add butter (not margarine!) and muenster and cheddar cheese, a little milk,

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