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Decorating with Jewel Tones

I absolutely love putting styles together to create a room’s theme – having a particular color in mind for a room can really bring a space together and make shopping for decor much easier! Although I’m not living on my own yet, I have always had such a vision of what I want every room in my future home to look like. One of my favorite colors is a deep, jewel toned green – which is where my blog color scheme came from! That’s why putting together a living room inspiration using this jewel tone has been so much fun! The Allongé logo was an amazing image to use while creating a space with jewel toned decor! Jade Velvet Chair: Not only does this chair look super comfortable, it’s a gorgeous jewel toned color as well! I would love chairs like these in my living room! Gold Decorative Pillow: I love throw pillows so much and you

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The Key Report: The Express Lane

Fashion fads may come and go, but self-expression is forever. From home décor to skincare, we feel that it’s every girl’s right to express herself. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite brands that offer fun and personalized options to make you shine. 1. Ladies, your skincare routine shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all! With fully customized skincare options, we’re swooning over the personalized products from Vain Pursuits! Give your skin what it needs: a fully customized skincare regimen. 2. Unlock soft and smooth skin with Secrets of the Islands! This ultra-chic brand brings you tons of scents and products for you to scrub away with. We love their Message in a Bottle option where you can create your own message to send to friends, loved ones or even yourself. 3. California girls rejoice! Sinfulicious Body Care gives us fully customized options for all our body and bath needs! With hundreds of scent combinations to choose from, you

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