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March 2017 Income Report – $1,539

If you’re like “wait a minute” where is February’s income report, I definitely skipped it. Not on purpose, but life happened and now all of the sudden it’s the end of April. I was way too overwhelmed to go back and do one for Feb and March, so here we are. But, I will tell you my overall Feb income was $535.62 with a net profit of $117.58… Yeah, yikes. A part of me feels like I failed because I’m supposed to be making progress here and while I worked my ass off in February, looking at the numbers feels like I took a step backwards. That though is the reality of owning a business and the whole point of the transparency behind My Story to Making $10K a Month journey where I’m inviting you to follow along while I figure out how to make 5 figures every 30 days. Some months

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January 2017 Income Report – $815

I love the idea of income reports – the transparency, the strategy – but let’s face it, it’s discouraging when the only ones out there are from people making 5, 6, 7 + figures a month. Their strategies don’t always, or ever, seem realistic for where my business is at. I want to clarify that I’m 5 years and a few failed business models in (including a breakup with a business partner and a significantly profitable PR firm that was burning me the hell out). I’m not at the beginning. So wherever you are, no matter how many times you’ve failed, you still have a journey to go on and a story to tell. And so, as part of My Story to Making $10K a Month, where I’m inviting you to follow along while I figure out how to make 5 figures every 30 days, I’ve decided to do a business and blog income report

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