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People, Not Places, Are Why Traveling Will Change Your Life

As I left for my journey to Florence, Italy in August, I had no idea what to expect or how my life would be changed from this adventure. In fact, my mission when I came to Europe was to pretty much be Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, except I would play myself. That was already over four months ago. Now I am sitting on my couch in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania reminiscing over pictures I took and entries I wrote in my journal. Weirdly enough, Italy feels like a far distant memory/dream, but the change I have undergone from travel will always be with me. RELATED: Why You Should Keep a Happy Journal Before I tell this story, keep in the back of your mind that I did not have an international data plan while traveling Europe, so the only way I could use my phone was on Wi-Fi. This is an important

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One Foot On the Dock, The Other On the Boat

As I was getting ready for my journey to Europe a wise man (a.k.a. dad) once told me that I had one foot on the dock and another on a boat. Translation: I am half independent and half dependent, and I need to grow up. I still feel like a little kid in my now adult body. How am I supposed to leave the hypothetical dock that is my parents taking care of me and my home I grew up in? Well to be honest it was much easier than I expected. You might have to swim a little till you reach the boat, but the best way to leave the dock is to jump right in. My journey to Italy was a long and emotional one. On my first plane ride I was sad and missed my family and friends. I wanted to turn back around and jump into

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