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Stay Organized, Earn More, and Stress Less with the Freelancer Planner

How many of us can honestly say that we feel like we manage our time the way we’d like to?  Most likely, very few (if any) of us actually feel that way. But that’s okay! This whole time management thing is not easy to get a grip on. As entrepreneurs, we have so many ideas, tasks, and projects constantly planned that it often feels like we need more hours in a day. Sure, most of us (everyone should!) use a planner, but is it really doing what we want it to? Michelle Nickolaisen wasn’t satisfied with the traditional planner, so she decided to create The Freelancer Planner. This re-imagined and improved take on the planner we’re used to not only helps improve our time management skills, but it also makes us BETTER as we work! Michelle can explain it better than anyone, so continue reading to find out how and

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Crowdfunding 101

“Crowdfunding” might seem like an intimidating boardroom buzzword, but in reality, it’s exactly what it sounds like: “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.” This definition comes from Tanya Prive, co-founder of crowdfunding platform RockThePost. Prive recently shared several valuable insights about the crowdfunding industry with Forbes. PHOTO: Rock the Post — On how crowdfunding works: “While each site offers their unique spin, the general concept is the same across the board: project creators can create a profile typically containing a short video, an introduction to their project, a list of rewards per donation, and some images to elaborate. Each campaign is set for a goal amount of money and a fixed number of days. Once the project is launched, each day will be counted down and the money raised will be tallied up for visitors to

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