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The True Cost of Today’s Fast Fashion Industry

It is time to take a step back and think about being a sustainable consumer. I love asking people questions and this week I have a lot of them. How many of your clothes do you actually wear in your closet? Do you know where most of your food, clothes and material items are made? How many times do you buy things that you do not need. These are questions I simply ignored until last night because I did not know the answer to most of these questions. Last night, one of my teachers for my Field Experience fashion class played a video called The True Cost. During this video I realized I am pretty sheltered when it comes to the cultural news of the world. In all honesty, when the movie was over I realized I consume more than I really need to. Something I never really thought of

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Kissing the World with Peace, Harmony, and Empowerment

Kutula Kiss weaves fun, fabulous, fairly traded jewelry in a beautiful way The significance of jewelry goes beyond simply accessorizing an outfit. Sentimental pieces can hold us closer to someone we love or have lost, rings can display our relationship status or even represent an accomplished victory (like winning the Super Bowl), and charm bracelets display what we cherish. Adorning jewelry is an outlet to share our story with the world. Lifestyle brand Kutula Kiss isn’t just sharing stories – they are weaving them together on a global scale. Embracing the power of jewelry, Kutula Kiss founders Cindy Berg and Kathy Pettigrew are bringing together women from around the world in a project of collaboration, creativity, and understanding. The fine craftsmanship of Colombian artisans inspired the duo to bring the beautiful, quality goods they loved back to North America. Determined to do business differently, they created a system for ensuring

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The Perfect Printed Resort Dress for a Warm Sunny Day

Dress {Tidal Cool} / Gorjana Bali Tube Drop Earrings {Rocksbox – try a month FEE with code “allynlewisxoxo”} / Gorjana Teagan Ring {Rocksbox} / Bracelets {Kutula Kiss} / Lips {Maybelline New York Color Whisper in Berry Ready + Glamour Dolls Lip Glass in Wildflower} / Shoes {Steve Madden} / Nail Polish {#GIRLSBELIKE by Nail Glam} Scroll to the bottom for you chance to win a beautiful Peace bracelet and necklace made in Africa from Kutula Kiss! Kutula Kiss Giveaway

Kutula Kiss Weaves Together Fashion And Peace

The jewelry that we wear tells a story. Charm bracelets show what we cherish, rings can represent our relationship status, and lockets keep our loved ones close. But Kutula Kiss stands out among the rest by choosing to make jewelry that ignites hope, empowerment, and peace – in the heart of the consumer and in the life of the artist who made it. Kutula Kiss was formed when founders Cindy Berg and Kathy Pettigrew took a trip to Colombia and fell in love with the country’s people, culture, and beauty. The fine craftsmanship of Colombian artisans inspired the duo to bring quality goods from South America to North America, while ensuring that the women who made them were supported, empowered, and paid fairly. Many of these women now have a dependable income that allows them to take care of their families and dream bigger than before. “We have been fortunate

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