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PR Stunt Spotlight on Calendar Girls

As many of you know, our staff recently participated in a fundraising campaign for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Reflecting on the experience, as wonderful as it was, it’s clear now that our campaign strategy was missing something, and I believe I know what it was: naked grandmas. Before Allyn freaks out, let me explain: believe it or not, that concept launched one of the most successful blood cancer research fundraisers ever. Here’s how it happened: Back in 1999, many of our own biggest concerns involved the world exploding form Y2K. But a woman in Yorkshire, U.K. named Angela Baker was recovering from a true tragedy: her husband, John, had passed away from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the age of 54. (Photo Source: Chasing the Frog)   Affiliate:   In the face of her grief, Angela decided to take positive action, and enlisted ten friends from the Rylstone Women’s Institute to

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#StrengthAndStyle: After the Loss of a Parent

Approximately every ten minutes, someone in the United States dies from blood cancer.  This is more than just a statistic. Every person who dies from blood cancer is a parent, a child, a friend, a co-worker, or a relative. What would you do if it was someone you lost? How would you cope? How would your life be different? Today, I am honored to introduce you to Nicole Narvaez Manns. A few months ago, I left a networking event with one of her business cards, not from her, but from someone else who couldn’t stop raving about her innovative beauty solution, Nikki’s Magic Wand. Ever since, I have been following this woman and her success on social media and always admire her determination. Reaching where normal applicators can’t, Nikki’s Magic Wand allows savvy glamour girls to finally get that pesky last 15-20% of the make-up that usually ends up being thrown away since you can never

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#StrengthAndStyle: From the Physician’s Perspective

  WE Can Make a Difference If you have been keeping up with some of my recent posts, you probably know I am currently running as a candidate in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the Year Campaign! As part of my efforts to raise awareness with #StrengthAndStlye, I am dedicating this blog series to featuring cancer survivors, their families, and anyone else who has had an experience, directly or indirectly, with blood cancer. My goal is to cover this difficult topic from a wide variety of perspectives in order to educate, empower, and reach as many people as possible. The more conversations we can start, the more awareness we can raise, and the more lives we can save! This particular post addresses blood cancer from the perspective of a physician. Meet Dr. Thomas LeBlanc, an oncologist, palliative care physician, and blood cancer specialist at Duke University Medical Center. Dr. LeBlanc’s current research explores the experience of

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#StrengthAndStyle: gotCUREage?

  When life throws you Leukemia… YOU have to have “courage” to fight the fight and “CUREage” to win it! Diagnosed at age 36 with Essential Thrombocythemia, Lauren Blanchard, mom of 4 boys, has used this unexpected and unfortunate life-changing experience to extend inspiration to fellow cancer fighters, their families and friends by founding her own non-profit, gotCUREage. Now a proud supporter of the #StengthAndStyle campaign, Lauren shares her story and her CUREage with me in this eye-opening interview:

#StrengthAndStyle: Week Two

If you haven’t been following my #StrengthAndStyle campaign, now is an excellent time to start!  Who doesn’t love to shop for a cause? In addition to planning the Red Shoe Gala, we have been working on adding a new component to the #StrengthAndStyle campaign! I’ve reached out to a few of our clients at Pretty Living PR to do a Shop4Strength promotion on their online stores helping to raise money for the campaign while we help promote their business and the concept has really taken off! So far, we have Pink Sugar Crystals and Vienna Victoria on board with many more collaborations in the works.   Interested in getting your business involved in the #StrengthAndStyle campaign? Email me – info@allynlewis.com.

#StrengthAndStyle: Week One

This past Thursday marked the end of first week of my Woman of the Year Campaign What an amazing whirlwind it has been already! I cannot believe how fast this is going! As you may or may not know, I have been nominated as a candidate for this year’s Man and Woman of the Year campaign benefitting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I am so honored and excited to take what I love doing everyday and apply these skills to such an important cause! For a more detailed background on the #StrengthAndStyle campaign, click here. To start the week, after lots of letter writing and emails, my team and I headed to the campaign kickoff event at Pittsburgh Winery. It was wonderful to finally meet more of the LLS staff and the rest of the MWOY candidates!