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10 Things to Treat Yourself to This Month

It’s a precious time of year, one that we must be careful not to get swept away in and take for granted. A small, sweet space between the promises of a new year and the lessons (and stories!) from the one at hand. This month’s 10 Things to Treat Yourself to roundup is a beautiful balance of #GemFinds to help you honor the space between no longer and not yet to set a powerful, but present tone for 2017! 1.) A Statement That Says, “Let’s Cut to the Chase” I’m declaring 2017 the year of directness. No more sugar coating, no more dancing around someone else’s feelings, no more hiding your shine out of fear. The Cut to the Chase Necklace from 7 Charming Sisters is just the reminder you need to protect your own sparkle and not let anyone else waste your shine or your time! If this regal blue piece

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A Traveling Beauty Routine for Self-Care

To be honest, unless I’m taking outfit photos or heading to an event, rarely do I clock more than 15 minutes in front of the mirror. Yes, it might take me a long time to “get ready” and I’m pretty much 5 minutes late for everything, but you can’t blame that on my primping and prepping. It’s usually an “I can totally knock this email out before I go or craft this Instagram post before I leave” kind of thing. However, when I’m on vacation, there’s something so rejuvenating about slipping back into my lengthy, pre- “I’m an entrepreneur and have no time for myself” kind of routine. Those 60 or so minutes aren’t clocked in front of the mirror with an attempt to impress anyone, to cover up or conceal my imperfections, or even to look adequate for the Instagram pictures I’ll likely be snapping later. It’s me time. It’s time to notice

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Fall into Relaxation

This week has been the most stressful few days I’ve had in a long time. Between the pressure of starting up a new business, an ongoing family situation with my teenage sister, and not having time in my days to do the simplest things like going to the food store, life has been just a bit crazy lately. It’s moments like this where I have to remind myself that shutting my mind down, even for a few minutes, needs to be a part of my everyday routine. Because the truth is, once you realize you need to de-stress, it’s already too late. I have to get better about making time for me everyday, not just on days where I’m ready to pull my hair out! Here’s a few little ways I’ve decided to treat myself to relaxation this week right at home: 1.) My Julep Maven Beauty Box Every month when the mailman delivers

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