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From Struggle to Shine: Seed Body Care

In this Post: Meet Rebecca of Seed Body Care who started the brand with her husband after struggling with infertility. Their story is one of so much strength. As you’ll see below, I’m a huge fan of the Satin Lip Glosses! Shop Seed’s all natural seed based formulas with the code SeedGem for 20% off! The other day, I can’t remember where I read it, but it was something about how we should have “launch showers” for when people in our lives start businesses – just like a baby shower, or wedding shower, or housewarming party, etc. I was like, “OH HELL YES”. I mean, you can have a launch party, but let’s face it, when you’re starting out, you’re just crossing your fingers tightly hoping you break even with what you have to dish out to hold an event like that. Starting a business is a big freaking deal. It’s a monumental

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Stay Beautifully Empowered With Vienna Victoria

Let’s face it: some situations just don’t call for a bag or a clutch. You shouldn’t have to worry about holding your purse at that music festival or baseball game just to touch up your lipstick during intermission or the seventh inning stretch. Jewelry designer Satin Van Cleef is on a mission to make sure that every woman stays gorgeously empowered all day long. That’s why she created Vienna Victoria, a fashion forward line of jewelry that conceals the make-up must-have that every woman wants the most: lipstick. “It is like handing over a jar of confidence,” she says. “A woman with lipstick is unstoppable.” Named after Satin’s daughters, every Vienna Victoria piece is made with Swarovski Elements and holds a hidden compact mirror with a fabulous lip color. “It’s no surprise that Vienna and Victoria are my inspiration, but I must say traveling with them gives me inspiration I could

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