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It’s Okay to Not Be Creative, Even When It’s Your Job

When Allyn and I first talked about collaborating on a Master Class, we bounced lots of ideas back and forth, but the concept of struggling to stay creative was one that came to both of our mind’s almost immediately. Before I share some tangible steps of How to Create When You Feel Stuck, I want to give you a little bit of a backstory to me and the topic! Who am I and what do I do? I’m Rachel Tenny, an artist, small business owner, and mental health counselor. I started to grow my business during grad school. My career as an artist started unintentionally while I was getting my master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and like most of you, I started my business around something I was passionate about and enjoyed doing. I needed a creative outlet, not a side hustle, but slowly the people buying my work turned from

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Read This When You Feel: Lonely

Humans are peculiar. Half of us love being alone, while others immerse themselves in social gatherings to avoid this feeling. Either way, the only way to defeat and accept loneliness is to find where this feeling stems from. Society, whether on purpose or not, has set up a guideline that is supposed to make us happy and goes along the lines of this: Graduate high school, go to college, get a job, get married and have kids, then retire. I believe life has more to offer than reaching a new level like a video game. We need to fulfill our inner purpose first and follow where that path authentically leads us. We should not go through the motions of doing what you think is expected of you. In doing so, you may always feel alone because the body you are in will not feel like your own. [Tweet “”I believe

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10 Ways to Avoid the Loneliness of Being Your Own Boss

Will I have enough money? Is my brand image strong enough? What the heck do I include in a business plan? Am I capable of navigating social media? Will this idea connect with my target audience? We ask ourselves a lot of questions when we start a business… None of which include the likes of: Am I mentally strong enough to build this? What resources can I surround myself with to prepare for the hard days? How will this effect my life and who I am as a person? How will I maintain my authentic self as I embark on this chaotic journey? Imagine if these questions were considered just as much as the first set. I was bit by the entrepreneur bug early. My first business opportunity came to me as a senior in college and it fueled a fire in me unlike anything else had ever before. Screw going to med school,

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