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My {PR}spective: Writing for Success

Good writing skills are foundational for any PR professional. In fact, some people like myself even chose the profession because of a love of writing! However, learning what writing techniques are effective in PR-related writing such as pitch letters and press releases takes time and understanding of why certain emails and letters grab people’s attention, and some don’t. Granted, I’m still trying to figure out what I can incorporate into my pitch letters and press releases to make them stand out, but here are a few tips I have uncovered along the way. Infuse personality: Imagine you got an email for a new product or service that looked mass-produced and robotic, as if a computer program had been designed just to write it. How likely would you be to respond? Not very. The emails that will grab people’s attention will effectively make it clear that a person took their time

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(Part 2) PR Lessons from the Largest Charity Organizations

Last week, we learned a few PR lessons from Forbes’ top five largest charity organizations. Let’s see what gems we can learn from the rest of the Top Ten:  

Reputation Management: Should Your Company Care?

It’s been said reputation is everything. Reputation is defined as the estimation in which a person or thing is held, especially by the community or the public generally. Forbes online had a great article that sparked my interest about Online Reputation Management. Businesses aren’t the guys who got drunk and tried to get rid of their embarrassing pictures on Facebook. Businesses want to make sure their names and brands present a reputable image to their existing & potential customers. To ensure this, companies rely on internal or external Online Reputation Management (ORM). Advertisement ORM can be done one of two ways. Like a popular movie from the 80s you can either follow the tiny, green, Buddha-like sensei or the yin to his yang, dark master with the red lightsaber. To those nerds like myself, you know who I’m talking about! The darker path includes censoring your complaints, paying people to write good reviews

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PR Lessons from the Largest Charity Organizations

Charity organizations can be as small as one person or as gigantic as a corporation, but every single one has something to teach us about PR. Today we’re going to take a look at the big fishes, according to a little magazine called Forbes. 

Branding – A Brief History

We, as human beings, have been a very creative species. We have created language and symbols that represent our most important aspects of life. Businesses have had to create a language of their own to create an image of who works for them and what they stand for. When I think of branding, I think of all the business strategies that a company communicates to gain my business. This is an elaborate dance where detailed steps are needed to complete a complicated number. Let us take a few steps backward and see why a brand is important to us… Branding is not a new concept. We, as a species, have been developing “brands” for millennia. From the days when goods were placed in the ancient market places, there were goods and services that were acceptable and there were those that were not. At first it was crude. People yelling out

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