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The Impact My Dad’s Suicide Still Has on Me

7 years ago today, I came home from school to the most devastating news that my dad committed suicide (more on that moment here). Some days, I look back and have no idea how it’s been 7 years and how I’ve manage to make it so far since then. Other days, it feels like it was yesterday and I still cry myself to sleep (not baby tears, like bawling my eye out because it still hurts so bad). I didn’t have the best relationship with my dad. He wasn’t my best friend or the most incredible role model a daughter could hope for. But, he was still my dad and I loved him with my entire heart. He tried to teach me about things like money, how people think, and how the world works and I was too naive to listen. Now I’d give anything to replay those conversations and to

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Jonny Benjamin: on the bridge to erasing mental health stigma

One man saved his life, and now Jonny, who has schizoaffective disorder, is working to save lives too. On January 14th, 2008, Jonny Benjamin went to the Waterloo Bridge in London and walked towards the precipitous edge, ready to jump to his death. That all changed when a passerby saw Jonny, approached him, and calmly encouraged him not to jump. That man saved Jonny’s life. When Jonny stepped closer to safety, the police quickly whisked him away and he never got the chance to thank the kind stranger. Six years later, Jonny set out to find the man who saved him. With support from UK-based organization Rethink Mental Illness, Jonny launched the Find Mike campaign. The campaign quickly became viral across social media, and the hashtag #FindMike blazed across Twitter. It wasn’t long before Jonny found ‘Mike,’ otherwise known as Neil Laybourn. The Finding Mike documentary about Jonny’s story was

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