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Less Stress, More Focus: Meditation for the Chaotic Mind

I am, for all intents and purposes, someone who is really, really bad at getting things done. No, really. It takes a special amount of motivation to get me to finish the things I start—from cleaning the kitchen, to making a schedule, to writing my novel. I have to be in the right mood; or at least in the right feeling. However, no matter how much I may not want to do something, life is such that I have to do things anyway (we’ve all been there). The biggest question I’ve had to answer for myself is this: how do I find more motivation within my life? How do I find more mindful productivity when the things I should be productive about feel more stressful than desirable? The clearest answer I’ve been able to find is meditation. To give myself time in my day to meditate, clear my mind, and

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Allyn’s Adventures: Introduction

Hello Darlings! I think this post is more for me than it is for you. You know when there’s like a 1 in 1000 chance that such-and-such symptom will happen to you if you take a certain medication? And everyone is like, ‘oh that will never happen to me’? Well, that’s my life. All of the time. Things that just don’t seem to happen to other people on a regular basis tend to happen to me everyday (both good and bad)… I’m the 5’6″ girl (on a good day) who is a successful model, became an entrepreneur at 22, ventured to NYFW twice, fell in love with the most genuine and caring man you could ever hope to meet (in like 2 months) and I have the most amazing group of supporters on the planet (no, I’m not talking about followers on social media. I’m talking about people who constantly

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