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10 Things to Treat Yourself to This Month

Disclaimer: If you don’t like people who don’t like fall, proceed with caution. However, even if you love me a little less after you read this, you’re absolutely bound to fall in love with a few of these ideas for what to treat yourself to this month. After all, Gem, you deserve it! Getting rejected How many things do we shy away from because we’re afraid to be told “no” or an answer other than the one we want to hear? A lot. If there’s anything the past few weeks have taught me, it’s that rejection isn’t so bad and when you stop letting that fear rule you (and maybe even start conquering it), pretty cool things can happen. Head to VLOG 2 to see what happened when I made it my goal to get rejected! 😉 A pair of bright, vibrant shoes What better way to transition from summer

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15 Little Things Every Person With Anxiety Needs

Having anxiety is like having butterflies in your stomach for any and every given reason, only they’re not friendly, flirty butterflies, they’re more like angry bees. I was recording videos (for the first time ever) last week for From Struggle to Shine (a program where I teach entrepreneurs to strategize stories to build deeper connections with and more support from their audiences) and I felt like said bees were going to be the death of me. There’s physical discomfort – stomach churning, heart racing – topped with mental chaos, not one thought after the other, but all together to create a nonstop buzz.. What do I say? How many freaking times am I going to need to record this before I get it? Will my clients think I’m an idiot? Are my forehead wrinkles showing? I’m too young for forehead wrinkles. Do I really need to do video content? (Yes

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