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Nail Art Tutorial: Fall into Ombré with Julep

Ombré isn’t a new trend–we’ve been seeing it for years, on everything from clothing to nail art to hair. In my opinion, it’s not even a trend at all, it’s really a constant that just happens to be generating more buzz than usual lately. And it’s definitely not fading! Why? Probably because ombre is so fun to create and so easy to DIY. Julep has shared a new ombre nail art tutorial that uses colors from their ‘Fall Into Ombre’ Welcome Box – FREE when you join Julep Maven. I love this tutorial because it’s so simple for anyone to do, even those who are DIY challenged, like myself. Let’s get started! 1. Choose three polishes that blend well together, spanning from dark to light. Not sure what to pick? You can’t go wrong with a deep, opaque color, a lighter shade of the same color, and white. Used here are Julep’s Elise (Bombshell), Danica

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Ready for this Jelly?

Julep’s new Jelly polishes are so much fun! Julep’s Jelly gets its name because it dries translucent and jelly-like (unlike other finishes you may be familiar with like creme, matte or glitter). One coat of Jelly polish is usually pretty sheer, so you can build and build until you get the candy-like (think Jolly Rancher effect) mani you’re craving. Here a few ways to use your Jelly Polish gift to bump up the glam factor of your current mani: Add a Jelly tip on matte polish for a fierce French mani Vamp up any black Pair a jelly with a similar color for extra pow-wow-WOW Pop some Jelly on white Use as a top coat on nail art Add some texture in your nail art—jelly stripes & dots are the best! There’s a bombshell watermelon red (Wendy), wild orchid purply pink (Ming), and deep marionberry plum shade (Lori). Julep polishes

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Valentine’s Day Heart Manicure Tutorial

The day of love is right around the corner and though we see no difference between showing your loved ones you care on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year it is so fun to indulge a bit in the traditions and embellishments that the holiday brings. Whether it’s adding a bouquet of fresh flowers or handwriting cards for your closest friends it’s the little details that add a little something romantic to your everyday. We put together this Valentine heart manicure tutorial to do just that featuring polish from ella+mila. Add a little romance to your everyday. The hearts aren’t perfect, they’re almost abstract, which we like to think reflects what true romance is. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes! For more chic content, follow Stylust on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

You Deserve a Midweek Mani

It’s Wednesday. Such a bitter-sweet day. You’re either thrilled that you’ve made it to the halfway mark of the week, or you’re feeling tortured because the week is only halfway over. Either way, why not celebrate or  de-stress with a wonderful mid-week mani!? The first step: choose a fabulous color based on whatever you need from the universe (clearly yoga is starting to infiltrate other areas of my life). White if you’re looking for balance. ($11.20 when you become a Maven) Orange if you’re feeling friendly: (‘Cause I’m Happy – $10.50, ella+mila) Separation anxiety from summer days? Then pick a bright and fun color! Julep‘s bright Avery pink is the most wonderful fit! ($11.20 when you become a Maven) Longing for passion? Go with a red of course! (Amber-Warm Blue Red – $11.00, Little Nail Girl) If you’re craving more creativity, try purple! (Colette – $11.20 when you become a Maven) Dark blue for strength! (Midnight in Paris – $24.00, Marc

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Paradise Pretty

Be Paradise Pretty this Summer!   Whether you’re wondering how to look fabulous on your resort getaway or you are looking to bring the paradise to you, keep with the current trends to stay beach-bliss ready all summer long! Nothing says “paradise” like the perfect bathing suit! Designer Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool Creations is the go-to gal for custom, affordable resort wear.