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5 Hacks for Helping You Survive Monday

I just love the fresh smell of coffee (I mean inspiration) on a Monday Morning… Sometimes… Okay never (I’m more of like a 2 pm cup a joe kind of girl). For some, Mondays bring a fresh flood of empowerment and world dominating inspiration. For me, they always seem like a reminder of how behind I am on my inbox and life in general (cue the overwhelm and anxiety). I’ve been collecting a few things recently that help me get past the Monday blues and today I’m sharing them with you!  Music While the sun and the warm weather certainly give us an extra incentive to be active, sometimes it’s just not enough. That’s why this Get Off the Couch (or out of bed) playlist is an excellent tool for getting you moving this morning! Not convinced? Here’s how to use the power of music to gain control of your mood. Decompress Reached

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A Little Bit of Nature Goes a Long Way

Are you aware of your surroundings on your way to work? Better yet, if you work from home do you ever take a few moments to step outside and get some fresh air? What would you say if I told you that it is a proven fact nature actually has a profound and positive impact on your well-being? Simply passing trees, plants and greenery on your way to work can boost your mood and relieve stress. Don’t believe me, click here. So to the peeps that have to drive through a city and around road work every day, be sure to find your green space. On your entrepreneurial journey you may have felt the effects of burnout or a funk. One of the best ways to prevent this is to surround yourself with that natural green stuff; not what you were thinking, nature silly. You do not have to be a hardcore

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