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7 Ways to Beat the Post Holiday Blues

Whether you had the holiday out of a storybook, or were left feeling a little let down, the holidays can give you a run for your money in your spirit department! Here are some cheerful ways to turn “now what?” into “what’s next?” and bypass those holiday blues. RELATED: Rethink Your Resolutions: Writing Goals With Soul Get Out Your Notebook It may sound cliche, but right after the busyness of the holidays is a great time to take inventory on the past year. What were you pleased with? What do you have on your radar to accomplish? What is something new you’ve been wanting to try? Set some goals and intentions to get excited about and also take the time to do a mental health check in. Making out a list with ideas like this can inspire you to spark something new, revving up your zest for jumping out of bed. Here are a few inspiring options for

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A Simple Process for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New.. NO STOP! Ok, wait what? Stop? Whatever do you mean? Why can’t I say that catchy New Years phrase everyone says and posts about ad nauseam? New Year, New You isn’t a bad idea in and of itself. It’s everything that goes along with it, namely expectations, that make it an issue. There is a reason that so many people quit their New Years Resolutions by February and only 8% succeed (according to Forbes). It all comes down to overload and unrealistic expectations. Most people try to do a 180 with their life this time of year that it is nearly impossible to succeed at and clearly the numbers prove it. What is one to do? How do we overcome this huge obstacle and succeed with our health and fitness goals in the New Year? Well, I have a few things you should keep in mind for 2016 in

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