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VLOG 7: 3 Life Lessons from New York Fashion Week

Any experience, especially one with a lot of ups and downs, has the potential to teach us about life. Take New York Fashion Week, for example. Whenever it comes comes up in conversation, I always tell people, “It’s the best and the worst week of the entire year”. It’s the Christmas level excitement with tax deadline stress. It is truly my favorite week of them all but I almost lose my marbles every single time. So this year, in true Allyn style, I wanted to take some of that stress and turn it into a few life lessons for you about dream chasing, stress management, and enjoying life. The first lesson is what we should be doing instead of faking it until we make it, so if that’s your game plan while you’re reaching for success, this one is definitely for you! ūüėČ Be sure to check out all my

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2 Things That Helped Me Find Self-Care and Healing at New York Fashion Week

What’s in this post: A fashionable, energy healing statement necklace along with skincare products¬†formulated especially for travel that both helped me take better care of myself this time around at New York Fashion Week.¬† The Look:¬†[sp] Blue¬†Raw Cut Hemimorphite Necklace from Joree & Jane¬†// Similar Little Black Dress (ON SALE – $93.00) // Missguided Thigh High Boots¬†($114.00) //¬†[sp]¬†Activa Wood Sunglasses¬†from Public Sunglasses ($79.00) // [c/o]¬†Mimi Cork Vegan Teal/Croc Cross Body¬†from Rok Cork ($178.00) //¬†Styled by:¬†Christina Stein Imberlina Simply put, healing is “the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again”. It’s normally an afterthought.¬†We scrape our knee and then need a bandaid. We misstep when running and then need time for our muscle to heal before going back at it again. We get back from a week of traveling and then need a few days to recover. But is that the way we should be doing it? There are

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Feeling Cool in Culottes

What’s in this post: The culottes I fell in love with during New York Fashion Week after thinking I’d never be able to wear wide leg pants, face flattering sunglasses made from wood (that don’t look like wood), and I bet you’ll never guess what this bag is made of!¬† The Look: [sp]¬†Yatta Culottes in Ice Grey from Narrow Arrow ($64.67) // [sp]¬†Wabisabi Shirt from Narrow Arrow ($117.29) // [sp]¬†Activa Wood Sunglasses from Public Sunglasses ($79.00) // [c/o]¬†Mimi Cork Vegan Teal/Croc Cross Body from Rok Cork ($178.00) // [c/o]¬†Mist Grey Mule ($145.00) with¬†Billie in Blush Strap ($49.50) from Alterre Shoes //¬†Coachella Rose Tone Watch¬†from Escape Watches ($195) // Similar Earrings (ON SALE – $37.50) // Styled by & Photos: Christina Stein Imberlina When Narrow Arrow told me they were sending me wide leg pants to wear during New York Fashion Week, at first, I was so excited. They looked incredible

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A Charming Spring Summer 2018 Collection from Tanya Taylor

If I had to sum up the energy around Tanya Taylor’s Spring Summer 2018 collection, I’d call it charming ease – something I definitely need more of in my life. Inspired by a trip to Holland‚Äôs tulip festival, flower power graced the looks but not in a Miranda Priestly “Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” kind of way. Far from girly and flirty, the blooms were sophisticated, used with intention, and for the playing-by-her-own-rules kind of woman. Tanya is known for her hand-painted prints, but also played with graphic eyelet detailing and beautiful embroidery for this season. Stemming off her current pregnancy, drawstrings allowed for waistline flexibility and there were a number of always flattering wrap tops and dresses. The deep sea navy mixed with bright citrus, sunset red, and aqua blue palette left a nautical life meets day-at-the-garden vibe. Ease is something that rarely makes an appearance at New York

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Finding Hygge in Central Park

What’s in this post: Figuring out what the heck “Hygge” means by getting in touch with both nature and the¬†simpler side of living.¬† The Look: [sp]¬†Round Neck Maxi Dress¬†from Hygge Living ($32) // [sp]¬†Bull Hoof Necklace¬†from Simply Nature Bio Goods ($209) // Guilty Sunglasses from Public Sunglasses ($79) //¬†Similar boots from Aldo ($180) // Wing Ding Cuff Bracelet from Kutula Kiss ($85) // Coachella Rose Tone Watch from Escape Watches ($195) // Cocktail Ring from 7 Charming Sisters //¬†Styled by + photos: Christina Stein Imberlina¬†//¬†Louis Vuitton¬†Pochette Accessoire cloth handbag – borrowed from Christina because she loves me ($495) I’m normally in New York City at least twice a year, and I have my spots that I go to every time. Every trip I stop at 2 Bros Pizza, where you can get the best New York style slice of pie that’s as big as your head, and also Carlo’s Bakery

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Living in the Moment with Francesca Liberatore SS18

There is a wall of shoes, suitcases stacked, clothes scattered everywhere, and our phones charging. We‚Äôre running out of time. Certain outfits then decide they hate us and will not pull up, push down and adhere to our bodies. Then the zen takes over. I have a flash of all the memories from the past few days and remember, ‚Äúyou are at fashion week, just go with it.‚ÄĚ Why in the world do I need to stress when the whole thing is out of my control anyway? I don’t need any more gray hairs… Whenever I am about to travel, I stress and plan almost every minute of every day in order to give myself the greatest experience. So much so that I forget the over all purpose is to live in the moment I am given and to make the best out of it. To enjoy it for what

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VLOG 5: Going with the Flow at New York Fashion Week

This week’s vlog post is coming at you straight from NYC! I’m here at New York Fashion Week and while you might think it’s all about the clothes, there’s actually a lot to learn about life from an experience like this. I’m with my fellow fashionista, Christina, and to be honest, this week has gone nothing like we planned. However, by going with the flow and chilling out about the unexpected, we’re stacking up incredible moments right and left that we would’ve missed had the original schedule played out. We’re also chatting about whether or not you should “fake it ’til you make it” and why believing that you’re worth it is essential for getting where you want to go. And in case you’re loving these shades as much as I do, you can find them at Public Sunglasses for $79 (full outfit details coming soon!).

Stories Were Shared at Tracy Reese Spring 2018

Tracy Reese chose presentation style (as opposed to a traditional runway show) to debut her Spring 2018 line, but she wasn’t going to let her models just stand their and look pretty. Known for her mission to make every woman feel beautiful, Reese has been pressing for increased diversity in fashion far before this season. This year, the variety of real looking women paired with the full, vibrant looks of the collection prompted creative, inviting conversations of change in the industry. When you walked into the room, it seems informally chaotic. Editors were mingling, buyers were contemplating, models lips were moving. The message was hard to uncover. But, after taking a few steps further and challenging my focus to narrow, I could tell there was something far more powerful than chatter coming from the mouths of the models. Reese explained to Vogue,¬†‚ÄúI wanted them to tell their stories about their

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