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Just like the Rio Olympics, Go for Gold

Believe it or not, our olympian friends in Rio are just like us with huge obstacles to overcome and self-motivation that could move mountains. They work long hours like you do. They cry, want to give up, and feel burnt out sometimes. They even deal with tough competitors that have no mercy or empathy to whether you succeed or fail. It is truly an inspiration to watch the athletes compete and earn the medals they bring home to their countries, families, friends and most importantly themselves. But my gosh, the stories behind the dreamers and do-ers are what really make you want to go for gold in your everyday life. Even though none of us (just making an assumption here, but if we have any past, present, or attempting olympians among our readership, please do step forward – we’d love to interview ya!) are in the market for gold, silver or

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Accessories to Amplify Your Outdoor Workout

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Well at least that is the motto we tell ourselves in the morning, because (let’s be real) finding time to workout, have a career, spend time with your family, all while having a social life is exhausting. That is why having these workout tools in your home is so important! When you don’t have time to go to the gym, which can be 15-30 minutes drive time plus the exercise itself, use these accessories to amplify your outdoor workout. Your neighbors may even want to start a workout club when they see you out there doing your thing, and then the whole block will be doing pilates, yoga or zumba in your back yard. Think of the endless possibilities, and all you have to do is have some killer workout gear. 1. Running Floral-Print Shell Hooded Jacket – $193.00 Running on a treadmill is great, but running

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