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6 Tips to Boost Your Non Profit Event

Non profit events can be a huge boost for community engagement, and BONUS you get to help people while having a great party. But are you getting as much out of your event as you could be? Review our six tips planning checklist to set your non profit event up for success! 1. Curate your dream team: A great planning committee is a must, whether it’s made up of experienced staff members or passionate volunteers, and whether you brainstorm over Google Docs or at a boardroom table. Don’t underestimate the power of constant motivation, and remember to provide regular feedback, check-ins, and suggestions. Related: Analog Tools to Organize Your Brain in The Digital Age 2. Work your network: People in your network (and in your team members’) probably all want to help you, but it might take a few tries to catch them at the right time. That’s why reaching out

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Nonprofit Consulting is the New Black

Photo Source If you’re reading this, you have access to a computer, meaning you’ve most likely seen the Netflix-exclusive show, Orange is the New Black. Photo Source If not, go watch it – as soon as you finish reading this blog. (Priorities!) The show is based on the true story of a woman named Piper, who was sentenced to years in a women’s prison for her very brief role within an international drug ring. Despite how that sounds, Piper’s character comes off as very sweet and “vanilla,” which make her early days in prison rather challenging, and also make the show amusing and relatable. Photo Source The real-life Piper, Piper Kerman, wrote a best-selling book about her experiences, and now serves as a communications consultant with Spitfire Strategies, where she advises nonprofits, philanthropies, and other organizations working in the public interest. While she is most famous for Orange is the New Black,

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