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Getting Clear About You

In this post: You’ll find a note on leaning into things that make you feel the most like yourself (even when it’s not always easy), skin-clearing organic products that bring out your true self, and the story of a strong woman who turned the loss of her mother into a movement for women to take better care of themselves. What does being yourself even mean? To be honest, I’m not totally sure. I’m still trying to figure out who I am. But, I know it means staying away from anything that makes you feel like less and pulling yourself closer to things that make you feel like more. It also means standing firm in the things that make you feel more alive, more blissful, more clear, and more capable. For me, that means stuff like working out and taking care of my skin. It means doing those things even when

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The Ultimate Skincare Regimen with InstaNatural

When it comes to developing a skincare regimen to achieve your desired results, it’s incredibly important to not only determine which products work best for your skin, but also the order and manner in which to use them. But with so many incredible options out there, finding the quintessential routine can feel quite challenging?—?even for skincare product enthusiasts! InstaNatural has curated the Ultimate Skincare Regimen Guide to simplify, and customize your skincare needs by providing a highly effective routine that can restore your skin to a younger, healthier and nourished look and feel! They were kind enough to send me a generous amount of product samples so that I could try their complete routine and share it with you! Here are my favorite products: [masterslider id=”7″]  InstaNatural was started as a small local business in Florida with a vision to provide safe, effective, and affordable skin care products – without sacrificing quality. The

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The Key Report: Go Green or Go Home

Going green means something different to everyone, but for us, it’s about being conscious of the ingredients you’re not only putting on your skin, but also what you’re washing down the drain. These organic, eco-friendly and sustainable brands will help you get a jump start on living the green life! 1.) Relax the Senses Back Soak from Amboni Organics – $15.95 The perfect way to release the mind and relax the body. Oils of Lavender, Geranium, Bergamot and Patchouli are the perfect combination to assist with complete relaxation, which help regulate mood and anxiety levels while mineral salt assists muscle soreness and body aches. 2.) Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo and Condition from Pura d’or – $24.99 each If you’re looking for fuller, thicker, more luxurious hair naturally, this line will give you just that! All ingredients are grown on trees, not in test tubes. 3.) Pleated Front Fair Trade Organic Dress from Fair Indigo

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