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Top 2018 Planner Recommendations

‘Tis the season to pick your 2018 planner! For 2017, despite last year’s top planner recommendations, I went digital… and then realized just how essential a planner was to my life. I miss the act of physically crossing something off my to-do list, writing with pretty pens, and being able to easily see what the next few months of my life hold! It’s amazing to me how much one little planner can do to help improve my mindset, organize my life, and keep me on track. I’ve checked back in with some of my favorite creatives to get their 2018 planner recommendations so that you can decide which planner best fits your needs. And, if you already have your 2018 planner ordered, let me know in the comments why it’s your pick and what you love about it (there may be a 2018 Planner Recommendations part 2 on the way)!

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2017 Planner Recommendations Straight from Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s over halfway through November and I haven’t decided on a 2017 planner yet, which is giving me super anxiety. Half of me wants to go digital to streamline things and for shareability (I’m currently trying to man a physical planner and Google Calendar and that’s definitely not working out well). But then the other half of me cannot get enough of the satisfaction that comes with physically crossing something off my to-do list or accessorizing with every Post-It Note option ever. I decided to check in with some of my favorite creative entrepreneurs to see how they’re organizing their chaos. Here are their planners they trust to making life a little easier: 1.) The Desire Map Planner ($44.00) Recommended by Rebecca Nash-Emerson, Creative Director at Rebecca Nash Photography. I am absolute in LOVE with Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Planner (available in a weekly or daily option). I have tried so many planners, some ok and some amazing,

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