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No One Has Their Shit Together

When you first meet me, I’m pretty quiet. I might not have a ton to say. I may not have a ton of questions to ask you or answers for you, but that’s because I do a lot of listening. Not in a judgmental sense, but out of an intention to learn. To actually hear your story. To connect with your energy and not just the words coming out of your mouth. The more you listen, the more people tell you. I’ve had a lot of conversations. I’ve listened to a lot of stories. I’ve heard a lot about life. I’ve had a lot of wisdom, vulnerability, courage, and confession shared with me. And while I’d never disclose the words and revelations composing these exchanges, the one thing I am constantly reminded of is: nobody has their shit together. Is this you? Another day, another to-do list that wasn’t performed in its

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Combating Overwhelm: Why It’s Destroying Your Decision Making Process

Do you know what the one thing that ALWAYS comes up in every single conversation I have with another entrepreneur is? Overwhelm. The more I explore the mental cost of owning a business, the more conscious I’m becoming of all the internal elements that hinder progress, like how fatal the combination of overwhelm and anxiety can be. We make an average amount of 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day, and that’s just for the average adult. We probably partake in like triple that amount as business owners (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still). As a business owner, you never know what complications the day is going to throw at you. How am I going to deliver on the insane task of my client? How am I going to get the products for this massive order together in time? How am I going to make enough to pay

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