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Analog Tools to Organize Your Brain (or Business) in the Digital Age

A fresh, new year is upon on us and with it a slew of new plans, resolutions and goals that we’re eager to attack at full force. The ideas are flowing, your momentum is rolling–but you can’t seem to find a moment of the day when your face isn’t buried in your smart phone or computer. Seriously, if your job, business or passion project require an internet connection, it’s impossible to avoid the draining sensation that comes with being constantly tuned into screens. I finally got so exhausted living by the whim of social media notifications and iCal reminders that I realized it was time for me to make a change. No, not a social media detox or anything like that. I’m talking going back to the good stuff–analog tools. Breaking out your favorite pen, buying a fresh notebook or supporting a small business by purchasing a printable are just

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5 Tips for Managing Stress Around the Holidays

The holidays are a time of extra work, projects, events, cooking, shopping and everyday life in between. All that being said, while the season does bring a great deal of joy, it’s also a time for a tremendous amount of stress! Traveling for the holidays, buying gifts, staying on a budget, and making spectacular feasts can be enough to send someone over the edge! Here are my fool proof tips for managing stress during the crazy holiday season. 1. Plan ahead I am a big proponent of planning, in case you haven’t noticed by now. Planning your schedule ahead of time will help you get through it with ease. See what is on your calendar for the week then plan accordingly. For example, if you know you’re going to be crunched for time, plan to make some easy crock pot meals to get you through the week. Or, buy that hostess gift online to save you time running

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