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The Get Off The Couch Playlist

Now that summer has arrived, we should all be jumping at every opportunity to get outside and be active, right?  Eh.  Maybe not so much.  While the sun and the warm weather certainly give me an extra incentive to be active, sometimes it’s just not enough.  So, what do I use to give me that little extra push?  Music, of course.  I’m sure everyone has their ‘go-to’ songs when it comes to being active, but I’ve compiled a list of fun, upbeat songs to help get your ass off the couch.  Feel free to insert your own choices where you see fit! Chocolate – The 1975 From the opening guitar riff, it’s clear this song is just going to be a joy to listen to.  From the music, to the melodies, to the lyrics, there really isn’t an element of this song that isn’t fun.  It gets your feet moving

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Workout Playlist: 10 Songs to Sweat To

Here we are, already at the end of August. For a lot us, that means summer is winding down and our ‘summer bodies’ are beginning to take a backseat to other priorities. It can be difficult to stay dedicated to working out when the temperature begins to drop (especially for us near the Northeast), but I’ve found one thing that helps keep me on track: music. For anyone who knows me, that comes as no surprise. However, I strongly believe that the right mix of songs (which varies for each person, obviously) can give you that extra kick of motivation you might need to get yourself started. After all, we all know that getting started is the hardest part. So, here’s a small sample of some of the songs I like to listen to that help get me started and get me through my workouts. These are almost always on

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Complete Your Summer 2015 With These 10 Songs!

After what felt like an eternity, summer is finally just around the corner.  For me, summer means a lot of things; it means swimming, mini golfing, vacation, trampolines, getting in shape, a lot of sweating, and many other things.  But most importantly, it means I get to drive around with my windows down while listening to my favorite music.  There’s just something about getting in a car by yourself and getting lost in the wind and the music.  It gives me a sense of freedom and serenity like nothing else can.  I enjoy just about every style of music, and I could come up with a seemingly endless list of songs for my summer playlist, but I decided to keep it to ten for now.  The goal was to put a variety of different styles in this list to give you an idea about how wide my musical spectrum is,

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