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Greek Chicken Feta Burgers That Are SO Worth the Mess

Hi everybody! I’m Stacey from Stacey Homemaker – food blog where I share my favorite, easy, healthy and delicious recipes. Today, I’m so excited that I get to share with you my newest creation! Drum roll please! Greek Chicken Feta Burgers….ohhh my yummm. Now, I know what you’re thinking! This is chicken, it’s not a burger!? I know, I know. Except, these “burgers” are so huge that their is no way I could call it a chicken sandwich. It’s a big, chunky, juicy, cheese filled, chicken burger. The only way to eat it is to just attack it with your face. If you have tzatziki sauce all over your cheeks and running down your arms, then your doing it right. It’s so worth the mess, I promise. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Start with four chicken breasts, cut them in half and pound them about 1/4 inch thick. I’ve

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Bloggers Know Best: Scampi & Chips

  Blending gorgeous photography and posts packed with beauty and life advice and you get one of our favorite blogs, Scampi & Chips. Adorably nicknamed after this blogger’s favorite meal, Scampi & Chips is equal parts fun and inspiring. From baking to beauty, there’s tons of interesting and insightful posts to give you some pointers.   The beauty behind the blog, Kayleigh, is dedicated to inspiring her readers to live a fun and meaningful life, filled with fun recipes and daytrips. Kayleigh’s skill for photography shines bright in her blog posts with her beautiful shots of nature, places and beauty products. Combined with an elegant layout, this gorgeous blogger is sure to be your new favorite read. Grab a snack, get comfy and prepare to obsessively and read and scroll through our newest Bloggers Know Best addition. Fortunately for us, we got to chat with Kayleigh and received inside information

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Bloggers Know Best: Nuance and Bubbles

Whether it’s finding the latest trends or being filled with inspiration, we’re all about bloggers that promote a happy and fabulous lifestyle. So when Nuance and Bubbles waltzed into our lives, we were so excited to discover a lifestyle blog that was committed to helping women live better lives. From delicious dessert recipes to travel tips, blogger Valerie’s Nuance and Bubbles is the perfect way to add a splash of positivity to your everyday life. Chatting with blogger Valerie made us even more inspired! Check out the exclusive interview filled with tons of tips and tricks to help you grow your blog and connect with other bloggers! What made you start Nuance and Bubbles? This blog started out of conversations with friends about love, relationships, mending broken hearts and empowerment. I thought about it and got inspired to start writing inspirational blurbs on my personal Facebook account. It started getting

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