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11 Wonderfully Simple Date Night Ideas for the Rest of Us

Are you the couple whose Instagram looks like a Fodor’s guide because you go on incredibly fun dates together like canoeing on pristine lakes, ice fishing in the middle of nowhere, or rock climbing the actual Rockies? Congratulations, friend, you are living your best life! This, however, is a list of wonderfully simple date night ideas for the rest of us looking to have a good time. Not that there’s anything wrong with rock climbing, ice fishing, or even the usual drinks-and-dinner somewhere nice, but, variety, as they say, is the spice of life so why not try something new? You can always fall back on reservations at your favourite resto if these aren’t your cup of tea although I’m positive there’s something here for everyone! Let’s get to listing the date night ideas, shall we? 1. Go bowling Bowling might have been America’s favorite activity once upon a time

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Fall into Relaxation

This week has been the most stressful few days I’ve had in a long time. Between the pressure of starting up a new business, an ongoing family situation with my teenage sister, and not having time in my days to do the simplest things like going to the food store, life has been just a bit crazy lately. It’s moments like this where I have to remind myself that shutting my mind down, even for a few minutes, needs to be a part of my everyday routine. Because the truth is, once you realize you need to de-stress, it’s already too late. I have to get better about making time for me everyday, not just on days where I’m ready to pull my hair out! Here’s a few little ways I’ve decided to treat myself to relaxation this week right at home: 1.) My Julep Maven Beauty Box Every month when the mailman delivers

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[Obsessions] Lounging Around

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.” I don’t believe in ‘Lazy Sundays,’ but I do believe in being super productive on Sundays while lounging around in lazy-like clothes. So, this week in #Obsessions, we’re talking the comfiest clothing brands to hang-out in and the products you need to snuggle up with while you prep for the new week ahead! 1.) Soft Goods SUNDAY Tee – $24.99 The world wouldn’t be right if this wasn’t our first choice! Soft Goods is home of “the softest statement tees that speak without saying a word!” Photo via Jessica from Jeans and a Teacup. 2.) The Aerie Gauze Pant – $34.95 A very versatile piece – for example, you can wear them lounging around the house or more ideally, a trip to the beach. Advertisement: 3.) I am Peace Heather Hoodie from Peace Love World – $108.80 Peace and Love are the fundamental

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[Obsessions] Summer Starters

New Column!  I’m constantly sorting through magazines, social media, blogs and more to search for one-of-a-kind brands and products to follow, so I figured I’d start making a blog post each week about my findings! This week is dedicated to a few items you’ll be drooling over to kick-off summer:

RECAP: Tidal Cool Spa Day

Manis, massages, shopping, and photo shoots – doesn’t that should so fabulous and relaxing?  Well, it was! If you missed Tidal Cool Spa Day on 11/22, shame on you. But, don’t worry. I’m recapping all the details, so it won’t feel like you missed a thing!  Despite some morning travel setbacks, the Pretty Living girls finally made it to the Hildebrandt Artist Collective in Cleveland, OH for Spa day on Friday! The event was hosted by local Cleveland Fashion Designer, Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool Creations, produced by Pretty Living PR, and benefitted the Philippinne Red Cross to aid in offering relief to Typhoon Haiyan survivors.  Check out the main features of the event:

Beauty Buys: Cutie Pitutie

How often do you come across a healthly, skin-loving, zero-calorie cupcake? If you’re thinking ‘never,’ then boy do I have a surprise for you!        Being a PR gal, I have a soft spot for small businesses. Especially ones that involve anything pink, sweet, and/or girlie…       One day, while doing my usual Facebook perusing looking for other businesses to connect with, I came across the Cutie Pitutie Bath and Body page. Then, a special sort of cupcake caught my eye.