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Freeing Yourself from Judgement in Fashion

In a critical and judgmental world, it’s easy to feel like all eyes are on you. The questions that run through your mind of whether or not someone is judging your imperfections simply because of unnecessary pressure. Let’s be honest, insecurities, may they be internal or external, are difficult to overcome. When perfecting your image or appearance, you need to first appreciate your unique style and own every fabulous flaw that you may see in the mirror despite any rules that the fashion industry supports. Although the terms, “fashion” and “style” seem similar, they actually have different meanings. While fashion concerns specific trends and predictions, style is personal and expresses your inner being. Having an unshakable style can elevate your overall confidence and give you that extra push to embody your inner Anna Wintour. It is easier said than done, but stepping out of your comfort zone and owning your style will

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Why Self-Doubt is Actually Necessary for Your Success

Everywhere you turn for inspiration there are these resources about how the power of positivity is going to make you 7 figures of income next month. If these people can do it, why can’t you? You start up a gratitude practice. Maybe dive into yoga. You’re trying SO. DAMN. HARD. to shift your mindset. But there’s this asshole in the way by the name of Self-Doubt. Self-doubt tells you “this is so stupid” when you try meditation for the first few times. It’s what makes reaching out to someone you admire seem nearly impossible. It’s what makes you constantly question your ability to do this whole “starting a business” thing. No matter how hard you try to believe in yourself and make the changes you need to in your life, self-doubt is nagging at you every step of the way; not whispering, but rather screaming in your ear, “THERE’S NO

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