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Gem Travels: Shutterfest at Union Station, St. Louis

Back at the end of March, I took a short, but super sweet, trip to St. Louis, Missouri to speak on both identifying your worth and charging for it (so you can you know, feel valuable and actually get your life back when you start up a business) at Shutterfest – an unconventional, hands-on conference for photographers. Held at the extraordinary DoubleTree Union Station Hotel, it is truly more of an experience compared to any other conference I’ve ever been to. While I’m no photographer, I could not possibly think of a more incredible venue to host this event at. From a castle like facade to impressive architecture, every way I turned there was another opportunity to snap a cool photo. The original Union Station was decommissioned in 1978 due to the popularity of air travel. Following revitalization, the facility reopened in 1985 as a unique, historical hotel destination with beautiful character. My favorite element

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Studs and Duds: Bad Days Got Me Here

So, a little over two weeks ago when I introduced you to Studs and Duds, I assured you I’d be here every week giving you some insight on my journey as a lifestyle business owner. And here I am, already behind on my posts (=X). Guess that’s a dud on my end! For pretty much the past two weeks, I’ve been traveling – first to New Jersey with my fam, and then to speak at ShutterFest (more on that coming soon) at St. Louis. Yes, ShutterFest is for photographers, and no I do not know anything about photography. So now you’re probably thinking, “what the heck did this chick even speak about then?” I spent years failing to see how much worth all of my experiences, all of my failures, all of my bad days had curated for me. Once I started becoming aware of how much this was truly impacting

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