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Getting Clear About You

In this post: You’ll find a note on leaning into things that make you feel the most like yourself (even when it’s not always easy), skin-clearing organic products that bring out your true self, and the story of a strong woman who turned the loss of her mother into a movement for women to take better care of themselves. What does being yourself even mean? To be honest, I’m not totally sure. I’m still trying to figure out who I am. But, I know it means staying away from anything that makes you feel like less and pulling yourself closer to things that make you feel like more. It also means standing firm in the things that make you feel more alive, more blissful, more clear, and more capable. For me, that means stuff like working out and taking care of my skin. It means doing those things even when

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The Best Multitasking Beauty Products to Save Time on Your Routine

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a few extra minutes in the morning to enjoy your coffee (or maybe to catchup on emails for us workaholics)? You work hard every day multitasking (not that it’s the bestttt way to productivity, but we still do it) and making the most out of every minute. Shouldn’t your beauty products do the same? I thought so. I am up to my ears in beauty products brands have sent me to try out and from the whole stash, these are the absolute best picks (I’ve personally tried every one) for power packing your beauty routine for maximum benefits in the least amount of time and steps! Photo via Nars The Multiple in Orgasm from Nars – $39.00 This is my favorite beauty product of all time, hands down. I have used it in some way, shape, or form nearly every day for the past like 5 years (at least).

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Bring Glamour Back to Skincare with “The Power of Pretty”

Between popping pimples, dodging toxic ingredients, and trying to assemble a routine that actually works – skincare can be an exhausting, not-so-glamourous process. Is it just me or shouldn’t it be about beauty and glamour, not medicine and problems? After all, your face is pretty important. With the abundant amount of skincare options out there, this brand really caught my eye a few years ago and I’ve been obsessed with their products ever since. Meet Doll Face Beauty – naturally potent, clean skincare inspired by the grace and style of retro Hollywood (how lovely?!). So why “Doll Face?” Founder Lisa Winarick shares, “Taking care of my skin was passed down from my Grandmother and then reinforced by my Mom and Aunts who all have taken amazing care of their skin. I have so many memories of special beauty days spent around the kitchen table with my mom and sisters mixing products to create our very own

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